Allow to change CC email subject, not only text




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    Max McCal

    This enhancement was launched on November 14th of this year!

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    Jeff Moyer


    I want to change the CC: Subject line to this:

    [{{ticket.account}}]  Update: (#{{}}) {{ticket.title}}


    With the current implementation, I am unable to do so. The new hash mark implementation makes it more confusing and difficult to manage subject lines in general:

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    Graham Wong


    with the recent change that caused the huge hubbub about adding the token to the Subject line as well as the statement that Zendesk will not be adding an easily accessible method of finding the token in the ticket itself, this seems like it would be a logical customer feature, i.e., we can at least add the ticket number back into all email communications...shouldn't all email communications be customizable by the customer in a similar fashion? Does this seem inconsistent to anyone else? I understand the need for the token but do NOT understand:

    1. how you can introduce a unique ticket identifier but NOT be able to find it without looking in an email from that ticket! even in you could add a custom field to the ticket that displayed this token value!
    2. why CC: generated emails do not have the same template-based customization features as all other Triggers
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    Will Dobbins

    Being able to modify all end user communications is vital IMO.

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    Rollie Villaflor


    This feature would be very useful for many.

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    nobu horii


    As we are planning to setup a Japanese Portal Site, it would be beneficial for us to customize this CC subject line.

    (We would like to use a Japanese letters for Updates, Received and/or CCs !)


    Hope this would be in the Road Map on Zendesk. 

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    community engine

    I recently discovered I was am not able to customise the CC email notifications subject line to be consistent with all our other email triggers, so this will be greatly appreciated if you can get this enhancement in soon.

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    Jane Fleming

    Please add this functionality. As mentioned above it is both strange and annoying that you can customise the subject line of most email triggers but not for cc emails. 

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    Mike Emersic


    I also back up this feature request. We've recently modified our trigger notification subject lines, and now the CC notification does not match up. This greatly affects our agents who use e-mail filters to organize and sort through requests. Not to mention the inconsistencies between customer notifications and CC notifcations.

    Please add this ability as soon as possible. Thanks!

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    community engine

    Hi Zendesk,

    A response on your stance on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Is this a feature thats in your product roadmap or is this something that has not even been considered yet?

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    Alun Carp

    Perhaps the CC section should be removed and CC email handling be moved to the triggers, that way we could have complete control over what gets sent to CCs.

    The more I use Zendesk, and certainly the more I look at items in this forum, the more disappointed I become. This item was posted almost two years ago and there has been no response from Zendesk. If we ran our support organisation like that we would quickly run out of customers.

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    Alun Carp

    Hmm, I just checked another Feature Request I commented in on this subject ( and Jake Holman replied on Nov-30 2011. I didn't see a notification email so completely missed the update even though I was subscribed.

    To quote Jake "At the moment, there's no immediate plans to make changes to this area of the product. We have not seen a large demand for this just yet, and as a result can't assign the development resources needed."

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    Jane Fleming

    Couldn't agree more with your comments Alun. It's all very frustrating.

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    Cat Dumitru

    This is definitely vital to my company's Help Desk. 99% chance we can't use Zendesk because of the "Zendesking the comments" title.

    Ideally it would be something like

    Re: {{ticket.title}}

    so that the communication would stay in the same thread for everyone, and separate ticket updates would stay separate in the inbox of those CC-ed.

    Also, the 8 people max limitation for the CC list is another show-stopper.

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    Jake Holman

    Thanks for all the feedback folks. At the moment there's some disconnect in Zendesk between email content which Zendesk sends out that you can customize and email content you can't, which also extends itself to subject lines and email bodies too, so I appreciate that must seem confusing and perhaps frustrating at times. 

    I'd like to open up the ability to customize the email subjects of all outbound email communication from Zendesk to your customers. Before I do that, though, I'd really like to hear what it is about the current subject lines which you don't like, and why you'd like to change them (except for those who have given a detailed response already, of course).

    One thing I would like to point out is that opening up customization for strings in Zendesk makes the task of internationalizing the product more challenging, both for us and you - so I'd love to hear some thoughts and suggestions around that, too.

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    Cat Dumitru

    Hi Jake,

    Thanks for your post. As I mentioned in my previous message, the biggest issue I have is not being able to customize the "Zendesking the comments"  email subject in the messages going out to the CC-ed parties. Moreover, even if that was changed to something more relevant (e.g. Company Name: Ticket Update), it still doesn't solve the issue of grouping unrelated messages in Gmail.

    It would be nice to have full access to all the placeholders in setting the email subject, so that we can simply use the same title in messaging the CCs as in emailing the requester. Each ticket is different and might include 20 updates, grouping all of them together because of the static title would only create confusion.

    As a side note, it might make sense to move that from Settings > Tickets to Triggers, because it is very out of the way.

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    Kyle Barry

    Our support organization interacts heavily with customers who use their own ticketing systems, and we need to be able to seamlessly pass our tickets back and forth. We can do this in most cases by customizing the trigger email subject to include specific fields (3rd party ticket ID, for example), but cc-ed emails can't be customized in this way.

    Use case - Normal triggers (Works well):

    1. Our customer (customer X) creates ticket in their ticketing system for their own customer (customer Y)
    2. X's ticketing system automatically sends an email to our system and a ZD ticket is created
    3. Our agents pick the ticket up and then update ticket with public comments
    4. Public comment triggers an email to customer X with customized subject
    5. Customer X's ticketing system automatically updates with our comments since it was able to process the incoming email via the customized subject

    Use case - CC's (doesn't work well):

    1. Our customer (customer X) creates ticket in their ticketing system for their own customer (customer Y)
    2. X's ticketing system automatically sends an email to our system (ZD - renamed "ASK") and a ZD ticket is created
    3. Our agents pick up the ticket and realize they need to respond to Y (not X); they change the requester from X to Y and then add X as a "CC" so that their ticketing system stays apprised of updates
    4. Our agent updates ticket with public comments
    5. Public comment triggers an email to customer Y with customized subject
    6. Public comment also triggers an email to CC-ed users (customer X) with non-customized subject.

    Since the cc-ed users get a non-customized subject then we are unable to seamlessly send updates to some customers. Our agents currently update the subject of the ticket manually to ensure that the correct format is present. 

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    Therese Erhard

    +1 on personalizing cc subject. 

    It would help our agents and customers who sort their emails as conversations. This does not work unless we have the same email subject on all updates from a ticket. 

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    Matt Zaglin

    +1 on this for me as well.  It seems silly that we can customize all the other communication, but not this.  It should be brought out to the 'Mail & Triggers' section.

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    John Pohan

    +1 to this, it would make Email based support a lot more streamlined.

    Jake, as for your response "One thing I would like to point out is that opening up customization for strings in Zendesk makes the task of internationalizing the product more challenging, both for us and you - so I'd love to hear some thoughts and suggestions around that, too.", I don't quite understand how making a customizable subject line makes internationalizing the product more challenging? Would it not make it easier as then we can customize it to our needs (international or otherwise)?

    As an added note, how is this different then a message sent to the Requester? I don't know how this is done on the back end but it feels like CCed messages are just a very restrictive "Notify requester of comment update" trigger (but to CCs instead).

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    Nick L

    We'd really like this as well. We just noticed the disconnect in ticket titles caused by this after doing an audit of all our triggers and realizing CC wasn't one of them.

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    Scott Sullivan

    This is really bad. Triggers and Mail notifications manage all communication in a nicely flexible manner... except the CC notifications which are extremely restricted. Just nuke the old feature and expose CCs in triggers. How hard can this be?

    We've been working hard to make all our notification pathways uniform and helpful with proper subjects and links and threading, but for the CC list which is probably the bulk of communications, we have so little control. Please, please, fix this soon.

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    Sumeet Sethi

    +1 on this. It would be helpful to change the subject in CC . Waiting for this feature to be added.

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    Shane Davey

    +1 On this from us as well - we find that if an agent is CCd they receive an email without the ticket ID which makes it hard to chase up or update the ticket in Zendesk (I've taken to manually including this in my private comments which is a pain). Some of our light agents have also asked to include the organization in the subject as well so they can easily see which of our clients the ticket relates to.

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    Stephen Pryke

    +1 for this! It would be really useful

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    Wayne Kelly

    +1 million

    This is a critical feature we require.

    We are a software provider and we include our internal customer Account Managers as CCs on support tickets, so they have visibility of customer issues, and are able to get involved and manage customer experience. Our AMs are not Zendesk Agents.

    We need to have the {{}} included in the CC email subject line, or our AMs have no idea who the ticket is about... meaning which client it relates to.

    This is a bare minimum request. Ideally, it would work the same was as the other trigger email notifications and we could use the same placeholders.

    I expected this to be available. Including the ticket Requester organisation name in the CC email subject is a not-negotiable requirement for us.


    Please provide an update on this issue. I need to know how long it will be before this issue is resolved.

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    Zoltán Gergő Kiss

    this feature is essential for multi language support too. 

    I'm Hungarian, and using zendesk as mail only (because there is no Hungairan language yet), but its very unprofessional to have the english "update" word in each e-mail subject (when someone is cc'd)....

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    Lisa Almarode

    Company name change and I'm going through and updating subject lines for all emails for various triggers.  It's beyond surprising that there's an ugly and not very functional subject line just for CCs. Please make the CC subject lines controllable.

    Everything else in our zendesk system has so much control my head spin sometimes... but not this?

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    Christophe Olivier

    I need that too so that I can make the subject of the "CC" email notifications the same as the automatically "triggered" notifications.

    Thanks for considering this.


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    James Hannan

    I have created uniform Subject line for all triggers, which allows for easy sorting in Outlook. However, the subject line for anything someone is CC'ed on is different to all trigger emails.

    We need this feature request so I can make the subject line on CC emails the same as the triggers.

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