The ability to merge community posts


  • Lyla T.

    This would incredibly helpful when your community is very active. When posts are duplicated it can get kinda messy :(

  • Katy W.

    Yes, please add this feature! This becomes especially important when attempting to track the number of votes each feature request has accumulated on our Community. Thank you :)

  • Rasmus Gregers Sørensen

    You should really consider developing this.

  • Joe Kindness

    This idea was requested 6 years ago. It is still being requested today. You at least need to let us know if you are even considering adding it. It's such a simple feature.

  • Scott

    +1 This is a basic forum feature. We're starting to consider integrating other options like Vanilla Forums using the Zendesk API, although we'd rather not have to introduce another software platform into the mix. 

  • Michael Dodd

    Agreed, this gets my vote too. Zendesk reps, could we get an update on this?

  • Deepa Daniels

    Hi everybody,

    I can't give you an ETA but we are actively working to enhance functionality in Zendesk Community. We hear you and are aware that this functionality is a need. 

    I hope to be the bearer of good news in the not too distant future. 




  • Deepa Daniels

    Hi there,

    We are doing research to better understand the issues you face moderating and managing your Community, and how that impacts your workflow, community strategy and growth.

    If you would like to give your feedback directly to the Product team and help us understand your use-case and needs, please fill out the form and we will be in touch.
    Thank you!

  • Jade Steffensen


    Are there any updates on this suggestion? The ability for votes to be "transferred" to the duplicated post would be particularly useful for us, as this is important for evaluating our clients' suggestions.


  • James Pitcher

    Wow a long running request this one with a lot of votes...   added mine too

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Thumbs up for this as well!


  • Craig Willis

    Here's another up-vote

  • Rob Latino

    Yes please.

  • Rochelle Yoshida

    We have thousands of feature requests, many of them duplicates. It's so tough to actually know what our customers want from our software when one request is spread out amongst 10 different posts. Please add the ability to merge topics and tally the votes. It would give our product team better insight and allow more sanity for our documentation team.

  • Oscar Junker

    Hey everybody,

    this is currently a feature we are looking into implementing. Current implementation would be closing one thread and referring it to the new one, totaling the votes. This would not merge the comments on one page but would refer all users to a single source of truth post. 

    If you have any feedback on this, please let me know.

    - Oscar, Product Manager for Community. 


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