The ability to merge community posts


  • Larry Deckel

    In our case, the comments in each topic really are relevant, and we'd like to see them brought together as well.  In feature request forums, we not only are interested in their votes, but are interested in their suggestions as to how they want that feature implemented.

    Unfortunately, sometimes we have two different topics in a forum that are on the same subject.   We want the ability to make it easier for our users so they don't have to read two separate threads, and be unsure where to vote.  (Imagine if there was a second post in this forum about merging forum topics.   Would you want to lose all the discussion here if you merged this into another one?   

    We'd sure like to see this sooner than later.  It would allow us to clean up our forums and make them far more useful for users (because once you get a lot of topics in a forum - people stop searching, and just post things that are already there as new topics.  :-(

  • Nina Nikolic

    I'm with you on that Larry, 100% It's absolutely vital for our business where our players need to be able to find the information they're looking for in minutes, rather than scrounging through all the forums and duplicating threads.

  • Matt


  • Xuan Wang

    yes, would like to have this one!

  • DanielleGlick

    The moderator says the mark as duplicate feature was to be added in 2012. Where is it?!

  • Kristi

    Would also like to see this added in, please!


  • Lyla Tamayo

    This would incredibly helpful when your community is very active. When posts are duplicated it can get kinda messy :(

  • Rasmus Gregers Sørensen

    You should really consider developing this.

  • Scott

    +1 This is a basic forum feature. We're starting to consider integrating other options like Vanilla Forums using the Zendesk API, although we'd rather not have to introduce another software platform into the mix. 

  • Michael Dodd

    Agreed, this gets my vote too. Zendesk reps, could we get an update on this?

  • Deepa Daniels

    Hi there,

    We are doing research to better understand the issues you face moderating and managing your Community, and how that impacts your workflow, community strategy and growth.

    If you would like to give your feedback directly to the Product team and help us understand your use-case and needs, please fill out the form and we will be in touch.
    Thank you!

  • Jade Steffensen


    Are there any updates on this suggestion? The ability for votes to be "transferred" to the duplicated post would be particularly useful for us, as this is important for evaluating our clients' suggestions.


  • James Pitcher

    Wow a long running request this one with a lot of votes...   added mine too

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Thumbs up for this as well!


  • Craig Willis

    Here's another up-vote

  • Rob Latino

    Yes please.

  • Jack Flood

    Any updated on this?

  • Toni Ruch


    I would also be interested in a status update since this is very basic functionality that is requested now for nearly 10 years. 



  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Toni - 

    The product manager has received a lot of feedback from users requesting this feature, and the team continues to be interested in implementing something to solve for the problem of redundant posts in a community.

    There are a couple of reasons this thread has been around so long; development on the Zendesk Communities platform was suspended for several years, so we stopped taking feedback on the tool in as no work was being done on it. When we resumed development on it about a year ago, the team reviewed all of the feedback we had received and began prioritizing things. 

    While merging posts ranked high on the list, it wasn't the highest priority for a majority of customers. 

    The team did some discovery and exploration work on merging posts a few months ago, and discovered that it's a more challenging functionality to develop. There are several complicated questions about how it would work, and the answers. vary depending on the use case. 

    These questions are things such as how would you merge the comments from two posts? Would they just go in chronological order form the two different conversations? or one set after the other? How would you maintain continuity? 

    So, they're continuing to research it and try to determine the best way to solve for the problem that will be applicable to the broadest number of use cases. But because of these complexities, all we can say is that exploration continues but we do not have a guarantee at this time this functionality can be implemented or any kind of an ETA for it. 

    In the meantime, they're working on some other features that can be rolled out more quickly, as well as doing some work on the backend infrastructure that will enable more flexible functionality in the future. 

  • Nick Gurney

    Hi Nicole S. and @...,

    Thanks for your feedback and updates you've recently posted. Our organization would like this functionality specifically for feature requests. 

    Oscar's suggestion that we only move over votes is really good, as long as we also move over the follows. I am not as concerned about comments, but it would of course be nice. To be honest, the vast majority of merged requests have no comments because they were just added. 

    That being said, since there is no way to archive posts, I'd also like a way to delete the merged post automatically if possible. 

    Hope my use cases help! 

  • Maggie Ungerboeck
    Community Moderator

    Hi All,

    Wanted to add our use case to this thread as this would be a huge benefit in organizing our forums.

    I realize merging/combining posts is difficult because of the comment threads and history. When I was doing my most recent organizing, I was thinking to myself - I wish I could just group these posts together under something like a heading. The history is preserved, the votes are preserved, the conversation thread is preserved but the posts are brought together into a single place. I'm not sure how realistic this is technically....this is just one user's dream:)


  • Gabriel

    The problem with archiving a post is that you are effectively removing it from the public eye and the member that posted that question cannot longer find it and will never get the answer. I see it can work as workaround to keep your community tidy, but your members may not be happy about it, specially the one that posted the duplicate question. 

  • Beth

    I'm still unable to find this feature. Am I missing it or has it still not been added?

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Beth,

    This feature has not been added. It is on the product team's radar, but they have not committed to delivering it yet.

  • Jake Holman

    I think there's another topic about this somewhere (*ahem* the irony!) so apologies I've not commented here. 

    What we'll probably do to address the problem of duplication is actually not merge topics. The problem with merging is that it assumes complete contextual parity. That assumption completely breaks down when we take comment streams into consideration; imagine two conversations going on at exactly the same time by completely different people - it becomes impossible to follow, right?

    What we'll likely do instead is give you the ability to say this topic is a duplicate, and then point that duplicate topic to the correct and original topic. By doing so, the topic closes to all comments and edits, and a visual cue is added to the topic so reader understand it's a duplicate and that they can go to this topic: [link]

    What's unknown for me at the moment is what we do about search results. Initially I think we thought we should just straight remove duplicates from search indexing. However, everyone searches differently, which means a customer may search for something (a word, a string) that was previously in your forums but is now removed from search results because it was a duplicate, not find it and then create a new topic about the exact same thing you marked as a duplicate. Vicious circle ensues. 

    Anyway, we plan on adding this sort of functionality in 2012, it unfortunately won't be possible this side of the year.


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