Delete Multiple Users, Bulk Actions


  • Ryan Nguyen

    any news?

    it has been  2 years already :)


    We do understand the pain point of people management. This is something we'll be looking at addressing next quarter. 

    May 10, 2011 02:39

  • Michael Fromin

    It is quite incredible that you don't have a solution to this yet.  Management of users in a public facing support system is critical.  I am wasting hours of time each week doing things that should take 10 mins with the proper tooling.  

  • Nick Stanton

    I've been using it for 15 minutes on a free trial and have already come across a need for this feature. I'm unlikely to buy if the solution isn't forthcoming.

  • Joe Grossbauer

    I would humbly like to request the ability to select multiple users and delete them in one action.

  • Peter

    Yes, this is very needed! At the moment we have hundreds of fake spam users that we have to delete one by one. Very time consuming!

  • Steven Yan

    Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know that we do see bulk user management as an important addition to Zendesk. It's still planned but I cannot offer an ETA at this time. We will be releasing some functionality within the next few months that will bring us significantly closer to achieving this. Thanks for your patience.

  • Betsy Foo

    HI Steven, 

    Really need this feature, ETA would be most appreciated, and I know you don't have one yet, but it seems that everyone has been asking for this forever. 



  • Peter Nelson

    Still waiting for the bulk delete, and improved bulk management of user/people records! Need this bad.

  • Paul Szemplinski

    Agree, this is a big need!

  • Simon

    still needed..

  • Harpreet Mudhar

    Would be good to have Last login column in Bulk User Delete so that you can delete users that have never logged in!

  • Peter Nelson

    +1 on Harpreet's suggestion!

  • Dominik

    I would also request a feature to do bulk CRUD operations via Zendesk API. Currently, there is C and R (create_many.json and show_many.json endpoints), but there's no bulk api operation for Update and Delete multiple Users. And when I say bulk, I don't mean 500 of Users, but 50 000 of Users, so the update.json and delete.json endpoints for Users are not very ineffective for this kind of job. 

    Also, I would request a feature to do bulk CRUD operations via Zendesk API using different fields for identifying Users, than id. I particularly mean a possibility to manipulate Users by their external_id, but manipulating by Users' emails would also be beneficial. Keep in mind, that we could go one step further and implement Users manipulation by an arbitrary query (eg. delete Users with user_fields.last_login < "2013-01-01T00:00:00TZ"). It would solve Mr. Harpreet Mudhar's Use case, but... do you want to effectively implement yet another SQL like data store? This is a question for you to answer.

  • Lindsay Bergman

    Would LOVE to see this. For some reason, we have a TON of spam users that have signed up. It makes it hard to find the real users, and I definitely don't have time to go through and delete manually.

  • Joseph London

    With all respect, the current bulk delete users feature is actually more useless. If you put in a feature to search via wildcard this would be a real win. The current interface is no better if not worse than simply going through one by one and deleting the 200 or so users I have to delete each year. 

  • Maribel

    Any news about the mass user delete? I really need this function tool! Please, let me know. 

  • Charlie Skog

    "We will be releasing some functionality within the next few months that will bring us significantly closer to achieving this."


    August 11, 2013 22:19

  • Pierre Dhavernas

    up ! Big need. Last message was a couple of months ago. No news?

  • Robert Jerina

    There is now a bulk delete, but it's a paginated list of users. How is this useful? We can't filter the users at all so we have to go through this list and select each one. It'd be easier to just search for the org or whatever the end-users have in common and deleting them one by one. It's like Zendesk didn't think their users would have thousands of end-users.

  • David Stevenson

    6 years and there is still no way to use a filtered list to delete users?  Given that the only criterion for forbidding deletion is to be linked to an open (new / pending / solved) ticket I really don't understand the issue, it clearly isn't database-level, you're allowing deletion if all tickets are solved.

    I have ~7000 users, and have a list of about 700 to delete (no external id).  My only route is to use the hopeless, paginated bulk deletion feature alongside the list of users in Excel - even if I could delete from a list in Zendesk, I can't actually use the UI to create this list because it is so restricted in filter functions allowed.

    Over time (I've only been a user for 10 months) I can imagine my end-user database either demanding a lot of admin overhead, or getting increasingly messy.  One client alone getting an Outlook virus led to about 20 - 30 rogue end-users being created on suspended tickets.

  • Richard

    We also would like to se this feature. 

    Also i would love to see that i can add columns to the current bulk delete function.

    And / Or i would love to see a function to input a CSV file with ZendesID's to be deleted, so the opposite of CSV file import to add users.

  • Robert Jerina

    Still no change to this awful bulk delete. Not only is the list paginated, but you can't select multiple users on multiple pages and delete at once. It will only do anything with the users you have checked on the page you are on. Come on Zendesk. Why do you make administration so difficult? This is an easy feature to implement. I've hacked it into many web apps before that were missing it. Only problem is I can't do that here since I don't manage the backend obviously. Give us the ability to properly manage thousands of end users already, this is ridiculous.

    We need better filtering options, a search and a way to see more than 10 or so users per page. We'd be helping you clean up the user database which would mean increased performance on your back end. There is really no downside to implementing this.

  • Jeff Guyette


    This is, sadly, more of the same from Zendesk Dev. A completely reasonable feature--one that would benefit every admin across your client base--and nothing on it, no movement at all for over SEVEN YEARS. It is, also sadly, not the first, only, or the last feature which has been years in the asking but to which has received no attention.

    The last update from anyone at Zendesk about this was from Steven Yan on August 11, 2013.  Over four years ago for just the last update to us about this.

    And the odd thing is, the majority of the work to make this happen appears to have pretty much already been done. They added the Customer Lists functionality a couple of years ago. That functionality contains most of the filtering we might actually need. Most. Not all. Perhaps add some additional filtering attributes. That too does not seem like it should be so very difficult.

    From there, all that's needed is the option to allow us to perform the Bulk Delete on those end-users that we pull up as part of the results-set of the Customer List we've created.

    So... how about it, Zendesk Dev?? Hello? Anyone there? Can anyone provide us with any sort of new update on when you might allow us, your client administrators, better UI tools to better manage the end-users in our systems?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Jeff and Robert - 

    Yes, there is someone here. But there hasn't been for a long time - we're aware that there have been some communication breakdowns in Product Feedback and are actively taking steps to improve the experience. 

    I'm checking in with Product on several things next week, and will let you know what I hear around where they're at with this particular issue. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

  • Mamta Buch

    Next week was FIVE months ago! What is the status on this "Planned" Feature?

  • Mamta Buch

    Oh I suppose there is the Bulk end-user delete on the People page but hardly very easy to use when you cannot search or filter.

  • Kristen Mirenda

    Hi @all -- we totally hear you that this would be valuable functionality, but it doesn't appear to be on the near term roadmap. I don't have visibility into why we didn't implement it several years back as planned, but in my experience often something that seems simple turns out to unexpectedly complicated. We may well have run into technical constraints. 

    I do know that we receive far more feature requests than we can accommodate, and even a small request is still one out of hundreds. We would love to be able to fulfill every single request, and it's painful for a PM to know our users are experiencing any kind of problem with our product. But our resources are finite, and we have to make difficult choices. Please know that at Zendesk most of us are spending the majority of our time building solutions to problems, and very often what we're building aligns to some other feature request. 

  • Ed Ball


    With GDPR this is absolutely a useful addition for any company. We can import 2000 customers at a time, but we can't delete user like that.

    Yes there is a function that if you go to People > Bulk Management you can delete multiple users. This is a great idea until you actually go into that and try to find users. We have over a million users in our account and trying to find the 50 users i need to in that list of 22000 pages is a pipe dream.

    Yes we can use the API if we have the correct information we need to delete those users up to 100 at a time. As far as I can tell you can delete a user based on the zendesk id or the external id. I can get the external ID, but unfortunately not all our zendesk users have the external id.  The problem I have is I get a list of names and emails. So currently i have to search in zendesk and delete them one at a time. I have not found a way to delete via the API by email. Hopefully i am wrong and there is a way.

  • Nate Elmer

    I understand that there won't be a batch delete users feature added any time soon, but can Zendesk support perform a batch delete of 37,000 Russian spam users so that I don't have to sift through Igor, Boris and Tatiana every time I select a user on a ticket?

  • Gail Leinweber

    Hi Nate,

    Gail from the support team here.

    Sorry to hear that you got spammed so badly! Our team does not delete the users for you, but what we recommend as part of the spam cleanup process is suspending the requesters to prevent them from cluttering up your user selection. You can also go into Admin > Manage> People> Bulk End-User Delete and permanently purge the users there.

    I hope that things are spam free for you going forward!


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