Set task due date using the API and Mail API

The Mail API already supports TICKET_TYPE.  For tasks, it would be great it allowed DUE_DATE to be set.


Suggested example formats for the Mail API...



note: if a due_date is set, the ticket should automatically be set to ticket type "task"


{{assignee:me@whatever ticket_type:task due_date:tomorrow}}

note: smart enough to understand common date strings like "tomorrow" or "1 week" or "2 days"


For the REST API, the date format could be more standardized...



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    Wanted to update that you can now set due dates via the REST API in API v2:


    There are currently no plans to allow setting of due dates via the mail API.

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    Hi Steven, it looks like the API only allows updating specified tickets. Is it possible to build an automation via the API to update the due date based on SLAs?

    E.g we have mapped SLAs so that for Open & Pending tickets:

    priority urgent must be fixed same day

    priority high is one week

    priority medium is six weeks

    priority low has no due date

    So, could we build an automation in the API to say "look for Open or Pending tickets that have no due date. If urgent, set to same day as request date. If high, set to request date + 1 week. If normal, set to request date + 6 weeks, if low, leave blank?" I already have an trigger to set all tickets to Task, so that takes care of that side.

    Would just be useful as agents don't always remember to add the due date, then we're back tracking.



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