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  • Mark Delecate

    We're currently running Zendesk as e-mail only. We send 100+ e-mails with important PDF's out to our customers every day. The general customer expectation here is to receive their documents as an attachment, not as a link. The links honestly lead to a lot of confusion – not everyone is well versed with computers and many don't have up-to-date browsers, not to mention browser PDF plug-ins, causing us quite a bit of trouble. Our customers require these PDF's as attachments in their e-mail. 

    I know Zendesk is based upon a "forum" style platform, but when used as an e-mail only system, adding the attached files to the outgoing e-mails is quite essential. 

    At the very least, as an interim improvement, don't add the files with their full URL into the e-mail. At least convert these links into Hyperlinks, displaying only their filenames, as is currently being done in the web-based ticket view. This would greatly increase the intelligibility

  • Brandon Smith

    I agree that one of two things MUST happen:

    1.) Allow attachments in email

    2.) Redesign the area around the attachment to make it very obvious that there's a file associated with the ticket or ticket update. 


    The only complaint we've had from clients is the fact that they sometimes get confused with attachments that are spread over multiple comments. Maybe there's a way to show the running list of all files that pertain to that ticket in the sidebar or something so our clients can see (in date/sequential order) what files have been uploaded/sent via the ticket. 


    Either way, the current setup is not optimal. . . hoping for some improvement here. 

    Thanks for a great product overall though---keep up the great work. 

  • JeffLee

    I'm having the same issue as well and would like support to reconsider this request. It would be nice to be able to forward a ticket outbound as an email with attachments to other departments not using zendesk.

  • Casey Schorr

    We're struggling with using our Zendesk with our manufacturing suppliers, who are not super tech-savvy and routinely (EVERY DAY) we get replies saying "There was no attachment" which causes at least three additional back-and-forth emails to explain how the Zendesk attachment system works. Sometimes we even have to go outside of our Zendesk and email an attachment from our personal/corporate google apps email if all else fails.

    All that said, I agree sending real attachments has a ton of issues.

    How about the better attachment layout that Jake Holman promised? Any update from Zendesk about this?

  • Sam Lovelock

    One partial solution I have found to making the link more obvious is to add the attachment in Zendesk, then drag the attachment icon further up the screen in line with the place you want it to appear. This creates a hyperlink that is labelled based on the name of the attachment. You will still have the full link at the bottom of the email unfortunately but at least the link is also in a easy to access place for the customer. So the email would look a bit like the below:

    Dear Customer,

    Please find the link to the PDF guide below


    Kind regards,

    Agent Name

    Full Attachment link



  • Mike Lottridge

    I would have to agree with other posters. Email support users expect attachments, not links. Whether Zendesk thinks that's what they should expect or not is really somewhat irrelevant, isn't it? It is a source of confusion and irritation to our customers, and so it wastes our time as well explaining where to look.

  • Óscar Del Real

    Our customers want real attachments and hate Zendesk links because is not what the expect when we send them information. Please allow real attachments.

  • Alex Retzlaff

    Ultimately there are perfectly valid arguments on both sides, furthermore there are ways a address each and every one of Jake's stated reasons. However as a user of Zendesk, it doesn't seem fair/user focused to have no option within Zendesk to serve our clients in the way that we deem most relevant.

    For example, make email attachments optional for paying users, or for users that are able to provide Zendesk with their own SMTP server/send mail service.

    There are ways (and valid reason) to provide this functionality, so please consider them

  • Andrea Cassioli

    Two more customers complaining they cannot open links due to security limitation on their side. 

    I had to send the attachments from my personal email, very annoying for me and for the customer. And time consuming. Not considering the messages will not be in zendesk. 

    I cannot believe there is no way to have a decent workaround.


  • Matt Savage

    I think this issue is more pressing for customers who respond via email than vs. a Zendesk portal.  Either way, I see 2 main issues that should be addressed:

    1. Limited visibility: Basic attachment links don't stand out from any other text; there's not enough clear indication that a link IS an attachment and they're buried at the bottom of a reply under the signature.  An icon in the portal, the ability to move the default attachment link location, and/or the ability to apply custom CSS to attachment links would all be steps to improving this situation.
    2. No attachment indicator: This has been reiterated already, but for customers in email clients, seeing 'attachment' but not actually having an attachment is very confusing.  The previous solutions of a small file containing the linked attachment or the ability to send actual files through a separate add-on were serviceable workarounds.
  • Andrea Cassioli

    I have been following this thread for quite long time now. Nothing has happened and after a bit of feed back way back in the past, it seems Zendesk team just tries to let the topic dies its own. 

    My opinion is that there  are two separate issues:


    1. links are not evident in the messages, and I think Zendesk should be able to provie a more visible layout. Of course I can wor on CSS or the like, but the default layout should be a good guess anyway.

    2. Some users simply can not download from links! It is not unusual some companies filter emails removing links or obscuring links. That has nothing to do with showing links more clearly.


    To me point 2 is the most urgent, has there are no evident work around. But I have not seen any sign of interest from the Zendesk team....sad but true.





  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks, Brad. 

    With regards to the comments about this taking a long time, we're not able to build everything everyone asks for, and we're certainly not able to do so immediately. We receive hundreds of suggestions, requests, and feedback posts in our Community every month, as well as everything we hear through our other support channels, customer interviews, etc.

    When making product development decisions, we have to weigh what's feasible, how complicated it is to build, what other things a development might impact, how many customers it impacts, and many other factors. Sometimes that means a particular feature or functionality can be significantly delayed, or sometimes we're waiting on another development to roll out first. 

    That being said, we're very aware that communication in the Product Feedback topic has been lacking, and are actively taking steps to improve the experience here. 

    Thank you all for your participation, patience, and feedback. 

  • Jake Holman

    While we have no plans to introduce physical files to outgoing email, we do have some plans around the designs of our comments in emails and how we can draw more attention to attachments - there's way we can almost mimic email client behaviour to bring attention to attachments (that aren't actually attached!).

  • Lisa Booker

    I agree that this should be reconsidered. I just had an unnecessary exchange with a user because they were confused by the link, resulting in wasted time for both of us. The current attachment as a link is completely unexpected for users.

  • Andrea Cassioli


    I think Alex has a point. We can argue forever on this issue, but the point is that there will be always a non negligible number of customer not fitting in system. Shall we ignore them?

    I face this issue regularly and it costs me useless interactions with emails or phone calls. In the end I must use my personal work email so that the message have its proper attachment but it will not traced in Zendesk.

    What about a link, to be included automatically when there are attachment, to ask for the email to be resent with the files instead of links?

  • Olle Blomberg

    Now I don't know what amendments have been done, over the years, to make attachments stand out more in the emails, but it's clear that it is not enough since our customers doesn't understand where to get the mentioned attachments.

    We also find that customers who have not understod what Zendesk is ,and that it is a tool that we use, hesitate to click on those attachment links since "it kinda looks like one of those email links that they say you shouldn't click on".

    Maybe if there was a way to work better with links and attachments so that you can attach a file and include the link to that file within the text you write yourself? This way I could write "Please click here to find your instructions" where the link can go to an "attached" file or to somewhere on the web.
    This way we would also not need to store the files on ZenDesk server every time, but could often link to a file on our own web site.
    A "footer" with "Attached files in this email, links:[link][link]..." could still be included for extra clearity and visibility of the links. This "footer" should be customizable via settings, since we all have different businesses, clients and types of attachments. 

  • Clark Baker

    We've been struggling with this issue for years as well, which causes additional interactions to explain where the "attachments" are and that they're not really attachments to the email but actually links at the bottom of the email message.

    I understand and agree with the argument against attaching the files as actual attachments, but how about this solution:

    For any ticket that has attachments, an extremely small HTML file named attachments.html is ACTUALLY attached to the email.  So when customers look for attachments, they see this file, open it, and it opens a very lightweight HTML file with links to the attachments on Zendesk. That would work for us and our customers.

    I know it may increase risk of going to the junk folder, so maybe just make it an option per zendesk.

  • Marco van der Wal

    I'm having the same issue.
    We are supporting vessels via satellite communication and they don't have direct internet access. For us it is mandatory to send mails including the attachment.

    Is there already a solution for it?
    Maybe a third party app?

  • Karl Hiramoto

    I have tickets from two years ago, from when I started using zendesk and the links are still valid. 

  • Jfguina
    Hello! Any update on this? A lot of our clients don't see the attachment on the email because it's placed at the bottom part of the ticket and appears as a link so it doesn't even look like it's the attachment at all. Instead of a link, can you make them appear as icons of the type of file along with the file name? That would really be helpful!
  • Martin Bennett

    This is quite a challenge, one that even ZenDesk doesn't seem they want to attempt. It's now been over 5 years since this was brought up and it seems universal that the way attachments are "linked" or displayed to customers, is not working.


  • Alex Retzlaff

    Hi Martin,

    Zendesk can appear that way, but I can categorically say from personal experience that they will often not do something until they have the time and space to do a brilliant job. SLA, the new Help Center, rich text, they are all good examples of brilliant features and enhancements that were done REALLY well once they got around to it.

    So my question to Zendesk is, are there any plans within the foreseeable future to tackle attachments so that they become another brilliant feature in true Zendesk style?


  • David Macdonald

    Properly higlighting the attachment hyperlink would be a great thing ... most of our customer don't see the link ... it appears below the agents signature. ... 

  • Christian Weststrate

    I agree with  vision. We have been using Zendesk for a while now but this has been a returning issue.

    Both annoying, and in my eyes not very professional for our customers, as well as annoying for agents who have to deal with it.

  • Jennifer Woodson

    We would also like this feature. We often receive complaints from our users that they did not receive an attachment. They are not used to scrolling to the bottom of the message to look for a link.

  • Katie Yoder

    During the latest service outage, our customers were unable to access files previously sent to them through the ZD ticketing system.  This is NOT good as we often send attachments as part of our responses.  It is my understanding that true attachments are stored on the receiving email server until download.  Therefore, as long as the customer had access to their email server they would also have access to all files we provided.

    While I understand that ZenDesk strives to maintain service and the latest outage affected numerous other sites, I do see this as another reason to look into true email attachment options.

  • Gwenda Ellwood

    Half of our clients are based on vessels out at sea. When they click on attachment link in ZD Support email, then they engage satellite download which is more costly than email transfer. We find this lack of true attachments a huge gap in ZD Support functionality and for this reason would not recommend Zendesk to other players in our space.

  • Joel Hellman

    Thanks for the update, Andrew. That is certainly good news!

  • Brad Bilotta

    This is great news!  Thank you for prioritizing this to enhance the product.  I appreciate the hard work and help on our pain points.  :)

  • Randy C

    any update please/ when can we send out attachment as attachments.


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