Allow Agents to Create Macros that can be Shared Amongst All Agents




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    Justin Ruffell-Ward

    We would also very much like this. Surprised you can't at least share with your group.

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    Vic - DigiDNA

    Same here, this should be fixed it is really a basic thing to allow agents to collaborate in sharing snippets through macros. 

    Zendesk please follow up on the posted request!

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    Marc Roth

    I'd guessed that as an Admin I could go into an agents Macros and clone them. I was surprised to find that not the case.

    Even if there were just a way to view source and upload the macro to an Admin who could then cut and paste it into a new macro rather than trying to explain the whole macro and recreate it or make an agent an admin.

    Is there a reason why this isn't implimented? If it's intelligent, I'd rather be corrected than apeased.

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    Vic - DigiDNA

    Come on Zendesk people, at least reply to this thread, it's been open for 8 month now without any response from you.

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    Steven Yan

    Hi Vic, this is possible in our Enterprise plan today.  You can create a "super agent" as the original poster of this request noted, to have admin-level permission to manage macros.  Please see this screenshot below:


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    Natalie Berenato


    Where is the function in this screen shot? I have the same issue, I don't want to make all the agents Admins but they need to add macros so they can all see them.


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    Jennifer Woodson


    I could also use this feature without upgrading to Enterprise. Previously, an agent could create a macro, send me the permalink, and I could make it shared as an admin. I no longer see the permalink available for the agent to send me.


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    Edouard Madeuf

    The fact that only Entreprise Plan can allow their agents to create public macro is really disappointing.

    Furthermore, we can't access our agents macros in order to set the to public manually.

    I really don't understand what's the point to prevent this actually...

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    Beth Bailey (Edited )

    We need to be able to allow certain agents to be able to add Macros for all to use on the Professional level plan. 

    If you do not want to allow for this on the Professional plan, which obviously we would prefer, we at the very least need for our admins to be able to access agent macros in order to set them to public manually.

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    Axel Franck Næss

    I agree. It's really disappointing that this isn't available on the professional level. 

    You don't get anyone to upgrade to enterprise just for this anyway. 

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