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    Miren Berasategi

    I would love to see this implemented too. We currently are using a separate wiki as our Knowledge Base, and syntax highlighting is maybe the only feature we need to do the swap. There are still more options for this, I don't know which would be easier to implement / more convenient for Zendesk:


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    Corey Ganser

    I thought I'd reply to this thread as MindTouch provides a built in syntax highlighter for numerous programming languages.  I've attached an example to this response.  Also Zendesk users get a free 1 user account of MindTouch for one year that you can sign up for here:  

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    Greg Villain

    [sorry for the crosspost, I have posted the same comment on another feature request, apologies for this]

    We had (very) high hopes for Zendesk that just got crushed 10mins ago when we realized that the code highlight feature wasn't available in the Knowledge Base part of the service...therefore making it worthless for us. The part that remains is the ticket handling bit that all most competitors already have.

    ZD is currently not usable for us without it, since we won't be able to offload support to better public Knowledge Base, which was at least half of our intent.

    We dug quite a bit in the product specs when we were shopping for a support/ticketting system and didn't (at all) see this coming. Now we're at a point where we are going to have to roll back all the customization work that we've done so far to integrate ZD with our entire platform and do it all over again with a product that fills this requirement.

    This is a very disappointing experience. Worst is that it is too risky for us to keep using ZD *simply because* there is no ETA on this feature request that has been opened for ages, if I trust that thread.

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    Greg Villain

    Adding to my previous post, it seems that both Pastebin and GIST seem to work when embedding code produced from these two platforms.

    Still, it is significantly inefficient as it forces writers to go back and forth between either of these websites and the Zendesk Forum text box where you are writing.

    I would highly suggest that code/syntax-highlighted blocks be added as a a core functionality of the editor - one of the most flexible and user friendly libraries out there is the JQuery Snippet module:

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    Ana Todor

    I've been struggling with this problem as well in the last few days and I've managed to integrate the Google Prettify Syntax Highlighter into Zendesk. Check out the post on my personal blog for instructions:


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    Mike A.

    We would love to see this feature included in forums (and comments).  I tried Ana's suggestion but could not get it to work.  It shows up as preformatted but there is not syntax highlighting going on.

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    Devon Lawler

    I would love to see this feature get incorporated. I know it's on many of your competitors, and using something like Google Prettify or the other workarounds that are available can be a bit of a pain at times. I can get by with offloading code to github, but it would really be great to see this feature actually get added natively into Zendesk.

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    Matt Storr

    How can people vote this requirement up if they dont know it exists?  If you were to put a poll on the front page asking your community whether they would like to see a code syntax highlighter button within the KB editing window, I guarantee you would see a lot more acknowledgement that this is necessary addition.  it would be obvious to most people when they think about it that this is a highly valuable ability to be able to list code and XML examples in KB articles.  Please add it asap or give us a reason why you wouldnt.

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    Christian Colding

    Hi Matt (and everybody else),

    First off thank you for providing your feedback. This is valuable for us to understand what you guys are looking for in our product.

    When we determine which features to build the popularity in this community, is but one small aspect. Our priorities are usually defined by other priorities in the sense that we don't have resources to do everything. Granted, sometimes we don't want to do a specific feature, but in this case it isn't because it's not something we want to add, we are simply focusing on our parts of Help Center and other parts of the Knowledge Base mainly around workflows and content overview.

    I hope that more people will participate in the discussion and provide their feedback as that will help us to understand all of the use cases when it comes to adding it.

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    Aleksey Andreyanov

    Hello, all.

    I am evaluating Zendesk now. Try to move our Knowledgebase to it and can't find a way how to highlight the source code. This is one of the necessary features that we use. I am trying to change the Help Center theme to make available the SyntaxHighlighter, but with no luck.


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    Manu Raivio

    Same issue here, would love to be able to highlight code syntax in the help centre. Seems that right now there's no easy way to do that.

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    Wolfgang Drechsel - Exactag GmbH (Edited )

    Any news there, as this feature would be really helpful for HelpCenter articles?

    A possible workaround would be to integrate Prism (, which is working for us. But nonetheless would be nice if this could be implemented as standard function.

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    An update from Zendesk on whether this feature can be added would be great. The original request is over 6 years old!

    The new stripped down TinyMCE editor being used as the Help Center article editor is very good. All that needs to be done is add:

    • Headings instead of sizes
    • Quote
    • Code - both inline and as blocks

    For the code samples and syntax highlighting, TinyMCE now has an excellent official 'Code Sample' plugin: It would be wonderful if this could be added to the Help Center editor. Please :-) Surely not a large project in terms of developer resources for Zendesk?

    This would be huge win for customers writing Help Center articles with code samples.

    There are various other threads requesting this feature:



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