Ability to Reopen Tickets and Extend Closing Period

I have a 'work around' for this... well for the issue of running out of closing time (part of the issue)

I have an automation that picks up tickets about to close (and with a specific tag)and turns them back into pending... and then back into closed...  It does this until my tag is removed.  In my case, by the account dept.

However Zendesk, should I really have to be doing this kind of this to make it work?


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    Seems like a cheap workaround to something Zendesk should have as a default feature.  Shame on them!!!

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    I don't get why you are doing this.  I have a tag that is "donotclose" and I check for this tag in the Automation "Close case after 7 days".  If this tag is there, then it won't be closed by the automation.

    A case won't go to close except by automation (and some background process that checks for long standing cases sitting in solved status).

    If you want to extend the closing period beyond the maximum, then enter the case into "solved" status and then increase the automation "Hours since solved" is <number of hours>...

    Of course, this is a old ticket and all the above may be new features that you didn't have at the time of posting. 

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    That sounds like a tider workaround than mine.  Just watch the hours since closed thing, from what I am aware, Zendesks max is 30 days in solved. No matter what you specify.  This MAY have changed now.

    I think at the time of this post, zendesk were still closing solved tickets after 30 days, So I did this to cause action on the ticket.   On checking our triggers I see that I have already implemented what you suggest (a tag that negates closure trigger) I have now removed the process of turning to pending and back to solved again to see whather this is now necesary.  (Was only needed when accounts was behind)



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    What counts as new activity on a ticket? We have an Automation at 25 days to move the ticket from Solved to Open and add tag "25dayrefresh". Then we have a Trigger that looks for the tag "25dayrefresh" and moves the ticket from Open to Solved and removes the tag thus refreshing the ticket in Solved status but returning it to it's original state at 25 days to avoid auto-closing. I just checked on a ticket and it says on Feb 12 "Status changed from Solved to Open" and "Status changed from Open to Solved" and then Feb 16 "Status changed from Solved to Closed" by Batch. This doesn't seem fair to close the ticket 4 days after our automation runs. We use multiple views in our solved status for testing and sometimes holding for deployment of bug fixes. We need to have tickets that have been solved for longer than 28 days. Is the only option to dump them back into an Open status and leave them there?

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    @ Steve - Ouch!

    Mine involved moving a ticket to another operators account then reclosing after 24 hours...

    Can someone from Zendesk comment here...?  What is the requirement...

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    @ Anthony, regarding extending the closed period by your tag.  I beleive the Zendesk default 28 days hidden automation will override this.  Can you confirm this works or not?



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    I found out about the auto-batch job!  My idea was working fine until I came to get that.

    There is a 28 day batch job that hadn't hit me yet...Now it has!!!

    Zendesk support helped me create a couple of automations that got around this, but they are not straightforward.

     I still think that there is a necessity to have a status of Hold that is excluded in the batch job closures performed by zendesk.

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    So the problem with this workaround is that by moving from Solved to Pending to Solved now likely changes your Solved date. If you are doing any reporting / tracking based on Date Solved, Month Solved, Quarter Solved - you are hosed.


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    The ability to re-open tickets is discussed in depth at  https://support.zendesk.com/entries/57109-allow-ability-to-reopen-closed-ticket - it's something we're not going to allow in the near future, I've stated multiple reasons in the linked thread.

    For the reason of duplication, I'll have to close down this thread and ask you to please continue the conversation at  https://support.zendesk.com/entries/57109-allow-ability-to-reopen-closed-ticket - thanks!

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