Tag Control - Ability to specify standardised tags and redirect incorrect ones

Would it be possible to have an approval process for tags?

This would ensure that tags were standardized.  We no longer use auto tagging, this created a mess.  However as mentioned in other threads, tag can easily be corrupted by agent mistakes...

We could use automations to pick up some of the most common errors, but automations are not very happy to do tags alone and the list may get 'strorny' long! 

While I'm at it... how about a way to categorise rules/triggers/automations?


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    This is a brilliant suggestion and I totally need this too. For both counts.

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    We have reactivated autotagging now because we needed some obscure feature it provided.  (Changing tags when reclassifying).  I probably could have got around this and left autotagging disabled, but havent the time to fuss about it.  However, control or modification of tags would be a great option.  Including ability to remove 'dumb' tags wholesale... I mean we are getting tags like 'please' and 'new' (the word 'new' was not even in the ticket, it must have been devived from the automatic ticket status! duh?)

    Another point I would really like to see addresses is the accessibility of these forums, searching for topics is nigh on impossible.  The search doesnt bring up relevent topics easily, and it is so easy to miss ones saying exactly what is needed, thus minimising the effectiveness of the feature.  How about categorising suggestions, and pruning old obselete ones?  Maybe even combining a few?




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    Just a note on this, I am not using a trigger to remove DUMB tags... Including; please would thanks through new can cannot help that logo someone like following back trade see one some setup dave (LOL)

    Oh for a little more intellegence in the tagging... hwoever, this should get rid of all the common ones.  But it doesnt address the tag control issue, where agents use similar but different tags.

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    Just reread my last post (12 months on!)  It should read;

    I am NOW using a trigger to remove dumb tags... and those random looking words.

    Am just about to add a raft more including; error, ticket (yes it well up the list of tags!), helpdesk (yes really), website, company, machine, cost, buy, who, site, box, office, change.

    Some tag control sure would be nice :-)

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    Bumping this thread because I, too, would love some more control over tagging!  It's a great system, aside from the fatal flaw of inescapable tag bloat.

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    +1 for this, great idea

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    +1 I think it would make sense to have administrators create a list of tags that can be used, so that agents can choose from a list of tags in a ticket that they want to add, but not create new ones. The tag approval request above for new tags totally makes sense to me too!

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    I remember the older version when we first started using Zendesk we could do this. You could select tags and remove them and they would be gone the next day... ees not possible now?

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