Customize Status Field Values



  • Guido Gabriele

    I would like this feature as well.

    I use ZenDesk for a legal department, and a "DORMANT" status type would be very helpful.

  • Joseph Garcia

    +1 On this feature. We would like the options for more transparency to our end users on the status of their ticket. We would like for the end user to at least see the same status as our internal agents. We rely on outside vendors to complete some customer tasks so the On Hold status in particular lets our agents know a vendor is on their way but the end user does not get this information and may sometimes interpret the open state to mean that no one is working to address their issue. 

  • Tim van den Akker

    +1 - we really see the benefit of this as well! Cant wait to see this implemented. 

  • Sean


    I understand that a lot of the logic processes are based around this field, But this has been requested for such a long time that I would have liked to see it looked at sooner. Heres hoping it is available soon.

    We want to be able to have an Escalated status (or several). This need has come from a client who wants more clarity around what is happening with the issue. This would be reportable and visible to the end-user through the portal. It's this last need that necessitates using a status.

  • Cyrille

    Hello all

    Whaoo ! A request open 10 years ago, 93 comments, and the answer I got when I open the same question is " it's technically a very heavy lift and therefore difficult to prioritize". Honestly 10 years ago other tools were already doing it; This is a major pain for our projects. See you in 10 years on thsi one again !

    Thanks all contributors for pushing on this one.

  • Bryan Wojciechowski

    I honestly can't believe this is still a thing we have to request, but here's my +1 to throw on the fire.

  • Stassa Miller
    Community Moderator
    Executives who make the decision to keep the Zendesk product, as well as B2B executives who review our service levels, need high-level transparent data to help determine worth. These changes will make the product more valuable, competitive and user-friendly.

    Configuration of Status "Pending" and "On-hold" need to be visible to end-users (clients)

    Make client-facing statuses editable so we can decide what wording displays to them.

    If it is transparent and shows Closed they know they need to create a new request as that one cannot be reopened.  

    Also, changing New to Awaiting Agent engagement instead of Open and adding Outsourced for Awaiting Third Party.


  • Martin Gyde

    This is still a very much wanted feature.

    We have been using Zendesk as an internal ticket platform for years, but we are considering moving elsewhere once we start using Zendesk for our external support since this feature is yet to be implemented.

  • Robert Raka

    Hi, we have developed that free app that won't solve the issue but at least minimize the impact :

    It add a custom fiields with sub status. 

  • Gail Hovanec

    I have to add my own voice here to say that this is a VERY much wanted feature.  It is alarming to me to see that this has been being asked for - literally - for years, and ZenDesk has seemingly ignored the request.

    I have noticed that many of the feature requests that make a lot of sense and have years worth of customers begging for them are being ignored.  As a new customer, this is quite an eye opener and does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about ZenDesk's commitment to their customers.

  • Anders Juul Jensen

    i'm like... whaaat?

    we've just moved from Happyfox to Zendesk because our It-service desk is expanding.
    To our horror we find, that simple custom status settings aren't availeble??

    Must say i'm quite dissapointed already ...  :-(

    DEFINITLY an upvote for this ... and yes people have been asking for minimum 3 years for this...
    politly said, get your fingers out and start programming ...

  • Alejandro Colon

    Anders Juul Jensen

    That's not how it works around here. The feature request has to be 10+ years old first. ;)


    All joking aside I do not believe this is likely to be implemented any time soon.

    Therefore, I have gone through the process of manually adjusting some of the current statuses to get an effective extra status or two. That is one of the User Tips and Tricks I am planning on writing up. I will post it here once I have finished it. 

    I have separated the "Pending" Status into 2 effectively different statuses. The first is where the "Pending" Status repeatedly pokes the customer for a response and the second is where it matches the first but also closes the ticket if they do not respond after 7 days.

    I have also separated the "Solved" Status. This allows us to set a status of solved but the ticket will reopen at a future date. 


    I am providing a link to the User Tips I have written and the ones to come for those that would like to follow the post in the meantime.

  • Gaurav Parbat
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello Everyone,


    I understand that customizing ticket statuses has been a long outstanding requirement. I can confirm that Zendesk has this feature scheduled in our product enhancement pipeline. This community thread has been very helpful and I would appreciate if we get more feedback on our proposed solution and its impact on other Zendesk features that we have built over the years. I will be sharing a research study sign up link soon for customers who would like to collaborate with us in building a solution. I will keep this community updated on our plan and progress.



    Gaurav Parbat

    Product Manager, Ticketing

  • Pete Holborow



    Excited to see how this feature will be implemented.

  • Gaurav Parbat
    Zendesk Product Manager


    ---User Research Invitation--


    Hello Everyone!


    Custom Ticket Status has been a long outstanding request for Zendesk Customers. We would like to know how this would impact your Zendesk instance and understand your use cases while we build more flexibility into Zendesk.


    If you would like to participate in our user research program, please sign up through the following request form. It should not take more than 5 minutes.


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