CC's actually function as CC's not BCC's

So, currently it seems that CC's in Zendesk actually function in BCC's when sent out to the end user via email. For example, if Bob is the requester, and Suzie and Jack are CC'ed and I as the agent reply publicly for all to see, they all get the message, but do not see each other as copied on the email.This is bad for Zendesk end users who function out of email as this is not expected email behavior! CC's should remain in tact as CC's; at least it would be nice to have the option :) So please create a toggle to have CC's function as regular email CC's, not "Zendesk CC's".

Apparently (correct me please if wrong as I am just retelling what I got from support on the phone) this is due to the fact that Zendesk simply sends the agent update to the "notifications@zendesk" address for your domain and then updates the users individually. Could we just circumvent the "notifications@zendesk" step for the CC's and just send directly to them? Or some other derivation thereof? Thanks, much appreciated!


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