Tag users / organizations directly from ticket box

Currently, if I want to add tags to a user or an organization, while working on his ticket, I have to open the account in a new Window - click "Edit", and only then I'm able to add tags.

I suggest adding the option to tag directly from the ticket view (same manner as "User notes" is available).

Thanks Maya


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    This would be so useful. For example, client sends a support ticket to support@domain.com - I'd love to be able to have my agents select a macro which auto-tags the user with the product line they have.


    Then create another trigger that pops them in the support group dedicated to their product, next time they make a ticket.

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    This is also very useful for international users so we can tag the user such that all subsequent tickets for the user are then known to be for that language and can be tracked via gooddata.  Otherwise I can't find a way to track users by country in gooddata.

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    It would also be great to be able to use triggers and automations to assign tags automatically to end-users. For example, if a ticket is assigned to the External Support Group tag the user on the ticket "external_support", or if end-user sends an email to external_support@company then tag user "external_support".

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    is this any closer to getting completed, or even considered?

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    Tagging users with macros would be a very cool thing to do, especially while creating customer lists for use with surveys and email campaigns.

    Tagging by macros would also enable to filter out spammers from customer lists.


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    Adding tags to users by macro would be great.

    My scenario :

    On our Help Center we will have a list of maintenance documents in a section.

    We don't want our End Users to have free access to all these documents all the time. So my plan would be to only allow the end user access to the section if they have a tag "permission".

    In the ticket we would select a macro which assigns the user the tag "permission" then they will be able to see the document in the help desk.

    When the ticket is marked as solved the tag will be removed.


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    A long way around but I have managed to get around this by

    • Create a "permission" tag by macro
    • Trigger to copy this through to a user field which updates the user tag with "permission"
    • I then created another macro which deletes the "permission" tag
    • Trigger to copy this through to a user field which removes the tag.
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    Where are we on these matters?

    - Allow the End-User to get tagged by Triggers and Macros.

    - Allow the agents to add/remove/create tags on the End-Users directly from the ticket field.


    Thanks !

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