Preserve Group and Assignee for user-generated follow-up tickets



  • Sébastien Bourrut Lacouture

    Also very interested in this

  • Stuart Duff

    This would be a fantastic functionality to add to the system and would save a lot of manual assigning.

  • Tonmoy Ghosh

    I agree with all the comments made thus far. If a follow up ticket already has linkage with the original ticket, why wouldnt it be able to inherit data from the original email.  

  • Gibson, Trudy

    Same problem here.  And because only 2 agents can see everything, only they can action these which is not ideal.

  • Dave Dancsecs

    I agree with the above and I'm very surprised that the follow-ups do not inherit the previous tickets group and assignment by default

  • Gibson, Trudy

    Agree.  This is the expected behaviour and it is frustrating to have to work around this.

  • Ashley Clayton

    It could be a feature that's able to be toggled on or off like some of the account settings. 

    We use ours to manage our design tickets and like to keep each customer working with a particular designer for efficiency and customer relationship building. 

  • Amy wilkins

    I am disappointed this isn't already a feature, particularly as we have multiple brands and groups and the follow-up tickets don't get automatically triaged anywhere and just sit there for far too long before anyone notices them.

  • Bryan Myint

    We would definitely love this feature as well.  Seems like it only makes sense that the follow up ticket retains that last ticket assignee property when its re-opened.

  • Luiz Faias

    Hey guys,

    I had the same question from a customer and found this article in our Support Tips & notes section: How to assign a follow up ticket to the assignee on the closed ticket.

    Hope that helps!

    Best regards.


    Edited to correct link.

  • Chad Dodds

    Any updates on this? It seems like the follow-up ticket should at least be assigned to the same group as before, if not the specific agent.

  • Joshua Bentley

    Based on what I've read in this thread, it seems like an easy solution (or at least a workaround) would be to have the system automatically assign follow-ups to the agent and if that agent is no longer active, assign the ticket to that agent's group so someone else can pick it up.

    In the interim, I'd like to recommend an app like Round Robin. We started using it over a year ago so we could set it up to use a round robin ticket assignment method so you don't have to worry about agents cherry picking tickets. But it just dawned on me that it could potentially be used in the situation we're discussing in this thread.

    It could be set up to look at a specific view and assign those tickets out to the agents you want. Admittedly, it wouldn't go to the same agent, but at least they'd get assigned out and could be reassigned by agents if necessary.

    I just set it up and it seems like it'll serve as a workaround until/unless ZD puts this in as default functionality.

  • Jacob Bockelmann

    Hi Nicole Relyea,

    I don't recall the article name but if you search your archives by any of these strings you should be able to find it as they're verbatim from the article:

    The names of the targets used:

    "Set Original Assignee ID"

    "Set Original Group ID"

    "Set Assignee from Original Assignee ID"

    "Set Group from Original Group ID"


    Trigger names:

    "Follow-Up Ticket Routing to orig. Assignee - trigger 1"

    "Follow-Up Ticket Routing to orig. Assignee - trigger 2"

    "Follow-Up Ticket Routing to orig. Assignee - trigger 3"


    A particular tag name:

  • Jacob Bockelmann

    Hi Nicole,

    That's a bummer because it's the only scaleable solution to route follow-up tickets to the original assignee and group which is a completely reasonable feature request. We have over 200 agents and I'm not going to create and maintain a tag + trigger per agent to achieve this functionality. Friction like this adds up and makes Zendesk a real challenge to use as our agent base has grown.

  • Evelia Casales

    We need this asap! We have 2 different operations (USA and Brazil). There are to many people to create 3 triggers by agent.

    Please, consider this feature at the very soon future.

  • Scott Nishizaki

    +1 for this feature.  We could really use this.  Way too many agents to build individual tags and triggers.

  • Lila Kingsley

    Another +1  here. 

    We do not find the only currently available workaround (agent specific tags + trigger) viable.  This is due to volume of agents/triggers/tags as many folks have mentioned already, AND, because for us, we would want to reassign to the original group NOT the agent. It's a shame this hasn't been addressed in 6 years, as there is a clear desire from your customer base for a configurable solution!  

  • Violeta Micu

    Another one here :(

    Please help us, we have too many agents 

  • Kate Styer

    This is something that has been an issue for us for awhile.  An update that would include this ability would be extremely welcome.  The level of effort to locate the previous group and assignee is high and teams could save a tremendous amount of work if this were possible.

  • Ben Owen

    +1 for this feature! A lot of follow up tickets come from tickets solved by our tier 2 agents who aren't always checking for new tickets. The follow up ticket contains a link to the previous issue and all the tags, why can't it bring up the old assignee?

  • Philippe Rambaud

    +1, this is very much needed. We have 150 agents, 9 countries, 90 groups. Routing is essential. 

  • Julian Morsing


  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi all,

    Quick update here - this is an area of the product currently awaiting the arrival of a new product manager. I've added this to the list of threads for the new PM to review as soon as they start. It may be a little while before we can get back to you about this, but we are keeping it on the radar. Thank you for your comments and for your patience!

  • Miriam

    +1000 - I very much agree with the above and I'm so surprised that the follow-ups do not inherit the previous tickets group and assignment by default. Like other people have mentioned already, with a high agent count creating 3 triggers per agent is just too much. Excited for the new PM and hopeful that this will be triaged soon!!!

  • Senthil Ponnusamy


  • Melissa Blanding

    Adding my vote to prioritizing this feature in Zendesk.   We just recently discovered we had 100's of tickets that were out in limbo that we weren't aware of because of this problem which leads of course to a terrible experience for our customers.      I hope that you will consider pulling this out of your backlog and prioritizing it soon!

  • Gasper Jubani

    @Robin, the numbers here do not represent at all how serious this issue is. We all have landed here after we have discovered this flawed on the system. There are many Zendesk users out there that have no idea that this issue even exists.

  • Dennis Duin


  • Delphine Pougnard

    Looking forward having a new feature/solution that would automatically assign the followup ticket to the original Group as today they are just falling into the cracks

    The workaround that was suggested so far is not realistic for companies with many agents & turnover in the teams.

  • Izabella Stepniak

    yes, Delphine Pougnard I think so, too.

    We are too many agents to arrange a workaround like the one suggested for every agent.




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