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  • Andrew J

    Just to confirm - macros have been given this functionality some time ago.  Certainly looking forward to seeing this in views.

    Thanks for the update Kristen - there has been so much going on over the last few years, it's not easy for us users to understand why relatively obvious things like this keep getting pushed down the queue. That said, a lot of little things like this have been sorted.

    Perhaps if they slow up on the acquisitions and integrations they might be able to throw a bit more resource at the backlog :)

  • AndyR

    This isn't just a "nice to have", but a need to have. Please implement this ASAP.

  • Mike Dominguez

    Agreed with Andrew. ^

    I love the functionality with assigning Macros to multiple groups. 

    Adding the ability to Views would be great! 

  • apomeroy

    I fully agree - especially since there is a cap on the number of views that can be displayed at a time for a user. 

  • Jim Stratton

    I came here to try to figure out how to do exactly this, and discovered instead that this is YET ANOTHER customer request that has been repeatedly asked for, for the last SIX YEARS.  Frustrating...

  • Siobhán J.

    Super +1!

    We recently merged with a company in a different country. As a result some of our agents will be working in both spaces, however not all of them will, and we are having to get extra creative in adding new groups to allow for agents to have access to their views without receiving their phone calls.

  • Brian M

    +1 to this. The lack of flexibility in group assignment for views currently a big pain point for me.

    Being able to have the same functionality to add multiple groups in the same way Macros has it would be great. Kristen's last comment of making slow progress was dated July 19, 2018. Is there a new update that Zendesk can share?  

  • Matt Dale

    That'd be great. I'm frustrated and duplicating the same, complex view as work-around for 8 groups today for this exact issue today as we revamp our Zendesk instance post-merger. Macros has the feature, just pop that fix in here 😜

  • Jim Stratton

    @Hope Notz - "planned" means "don't hold your breath."  A former Zendesk employee wrote "We plan on doing this" FIVE years ago and this feature still doesn't exist.

  • AndyR

    One of my big issues with this is that Zendesk talks a lot about scaling customer service and support, but over and over again we meet big limitations in the Zendesk product that makes us unable to scale the way we want.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Nuno - 

    I assure you we're all real people, with real feelings. We understand your frustration. Trust me, it's not super fun for us to tell you what's not coming - particularly when there are a lot of great reasons for the product team to build something that they just haven't been able to get to. 

    That being said, longevity of a request is not a data point that our product teams consider when prioritizing what will go on our roadmap at any given point in time. Just because something was asked for a long time ago doesn't make it feasible, or the best idea or most important things for us to build. 

    To provide some context, we receive hundreds of feedback requests every month, but can only develop a few dozen each quarter. This means that product development is a constant and ruthless process of prioritization. Sometimes users suggest something that is a really good idea, but it's just not more important than the other things we have to put ahead of it. This can mean a request can get put off for many development cycles, particularly if it's a nice-to-have and not business critical. 

    When prioritizing things, we look at the impact it has on a business, how many users it effects, what the most common use cases are, market and industry trends, and how it fits in with new innovations we have in the pipeline.  Sometimes, we have to build something else first to lay the groundwork. 

    It should also be made clear that the product feedback topics in the community are for discussion of challenges, but are not a case --> resolution system. There are no guarantees that we will build everything asked for, no matter how long it stays live or how many votes or comments it gets. But the conversations that happen here do deeply influence our product decisions, and we appreciate everyone's sharing. 

    The product manager for this particular area of the product has expressed interest in continuing to hear people's detailed use-cases, so if you have one you'd like to share, we invite you to do so. Thank you as ever for your feedback, and helping to make Zendesk better. 

  • Julia Gilinets

    We could GREATLY benefit from this as well! 

  • Laura D.

    Mostly for Jake, but also for anyone else who would be interested to know there's additional interest in this feature, there is another discussion about this topic: To keep things organized I've closed it for comments and add a link in the last comment to this main thread. 

  • Terry Knox

    Would love this, and it should cover macros too!

    At the moment, we're having to add all users to extra "combo" groups so that the views etc. that apply to several groups can be seen by the right people. It's a pain.

  • Angel Metayer

    I am a little disappointed that there has not been a reply to this inquiry since October 29, 2013. 

    Even if there isn't an ETA - it would be nice to know if this is still being worked on. 

    The search function was moved and updated, but I would think this feature has more of a benefit. 

    What is the status of this inquiry? Has it moved from "idea" stage to "being worked on" stage?

  • Colin Piper

    If you really need something now then an app may be the solution for you. I create dummy groups that are a combination of other groups. It's a little painful but I do not have a high turn over of agents so it's manageable for me at least. The problem with these extra groups is that I do not actually want agents to assign tickets to them and this is where the Assignment Control App comes in to play.

    With this app I can make those dummy groups vanish from view.

    This is a workaround but something that fills the gap until that day that ZD deliver this functionality that many of us would like. 

  • Kristin Bouveng

    Couldn't agree more on the above. 

    To add to the request, it would also be very useful to make views (and macros) available to several agents, regardless of which groups they are in. 

  • Joelle Quinn
    We would really like the ability to make a view visible to a select number of groups. This would be very useful for a organization with multiple groups using Zendesk as this could get messy.
  • Kristin Bouveng

    Would it be possible to have a little more insight into the plans around this?

    It's been 4+ years and very little info apart from 'we really want to do this'.

    If part of a larger project around views/macros, where does this sit? Is it actually being worked on currently, or only on the product roadmap waitlist?

    Would love a reply on this!


  • Joel Hellman

    Hi Kristen

    Do you have views for multiple groups on your roadmap for Q3?

  • Pius Adekoya

    Hi Support,

    This exactly what I need to separate multiple views for different groups, kindly add this feature asap, it is long overdue since 2012, when this thread was opened. All other options are just work around and they are not acceptable, keep us posted.

  • Christa Agius

    Any update on when this will be released?

  • Kristen Mirenda

    Hi @Alex -- it's the same group working on both features. Because the features exist separately, the team has to do the work separately, and given the size of the backlog, has not been able to complete the same functionality for Views yet. 

    @Tobias -- while they have made headway on this, unfortunately I don't have a definite launch date at this point. It's a small team of 5 that is responsible for building, enhancing, and fixing everything having to do with workflow business rules in Support. It's a great volume of work and we must make hard choices that sometimes mean even valuable functionality has to wait.

  • Alex M

    +1 from me on this too. We have 6 groups and 40+ views, and need to be able to compartmentalize access to specific views for various reasons. As has been discussed this is possible by creating more groups, but this is horribly over-complicated and gets exponentially more difficult to manage as we release more products. We moved away from Zendesk to Helpshift at my previous job due to missing features like this, and I'm disappointed to see many of the same features are still missing.

    Any update on the ETA?

  • Hope Notz

    Count my vote in! This would be awesome!

  • Ayryn Jones

    Please implement this asap! It would make life so much easier managing multiple team across Zendesk. 

  • Randy Nieukirk

    Agreed! This should definitely be available for Enterprise customers. This should be a simple fix, allow us to choose multiple groups to show the view to.

    My workaround, until ZD actually does update views, is to create another group and add the members of each group to the new group. Maybe have a naming convention so you know the new Group is for access?? Like ACL-CorpIT - just some ideas since Zendesk obviously isn’t listening to customers.

  • Andrew J

    Jim, in this case, Zendesk have added this function to most other areas it is needed, there is no reason to think they won't do this.
    That said, I fully agree this is taking longer than I would have thought reasonable. If I have 3 groups that need the same view, I can build 3 views, but the poor person who is a member of all 3 groups get 3 identical views!
    The workaround of adding the view to a new group and adding users that need the view to that group is tidier but hardly logical.
    @brett, can we get an update on this?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey everyone!

    Thanks for sharing the feedback :)

    I reached out to the appropriate teams here and progress has been made on this requested feature. That being said, we don't have an ETA of when this will be made available to the public yet.

    I realize this can be a very frustrating process especially when this functionality was requested 7+ years ago. I've passed your feedback on to our Product Managers and if they need any additional information they'll likely reach out to you on this post. 

    If you have any additional use-cases to provide keep them coming and I'll be sure the appropriate team gets this information. 

    Thanks again!


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