Feedback tabs can specify which forum will be searched

When creating feedback tabs for placement on websites, we have different products/services we want to support so it would be awesome to allow the feedback tab to be tied to a specific forum so that it can search the knowledge base articles from that specific forum. We currently have different forums that contain knowledge base articles specific to each of our products and services but currently the feedback tab searches all our forums and the results are confusing to customers because suggested answers are for different products than what the user is asking about. For example, "I forgot my password", should be directed to the specific product forum which the feedback tab originates, otherwise our customers go to the wrong product to use the forgot password feature.


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    We also require this feature.

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    It would be great to load the default knowledge base articles based on tags too.

    In our application, some pages include functionnalities that are activated based on user permissions : for instance we have a page listing all users, but onl users with the role "admin" can add new users. In that cas, we could create 2 articles in Zendesk : 

    * "How to search for users" displayed for all users (role = normal). We could tag it with the tags "page_users", "role_normal" and "role_admin"
    * "How to add a new user" displayed only for the users with the role "admin" => zendesk article tags : "page_users"  and "role_admin"

    The Zenbox plugin could be initialized with tags depending on the current page and our current user permissions : 

        <script type="text/javascript">
        if (typeof(Zenbox) !== "undefined") {
            dropboxID: "2830039812",
            url: "https://myaccount.zendesk.com",
            tabID: "support",
            tabColor: "black",
            tabPosition: "Left",
            tags: ["page_users", "role_{{role_of_our_user}}"]


    The search would return all articles that include ALL of the tags in the tags parameter.

    It could be combined with a forum ID too...



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    Question about this...  I know that a forum can be specified with a tag to allow access to only those users or orgs that have the matching tag. 

    I also read that the feedback tab can be set up to include tags when used.  I assume this passes the tags included into the created tickets.

    But does the tags programmed into the feedback tab also restrict which forums are searched since they also include the matching tags? 

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    This would be super valuable and useful for ticket deflection. Please implement this. I envision selecting tags for a feedback tab that will pull forum/knowledge base content into a small list of topics that might be related to the feedback tab's context.

    Or the feedback tab creator can specify a few knowledge base articles/links to display. E.g. These articles might help answer your question. If not please enter in your question in the text area, etc.

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    This is a must for us to use this part of the Feedback tabs also. PSWinCom deliver several different products to send SMS messages, some of them are API-based, and some of them are web-GUI's. If a customer on web SMS tries to search for 'send SMS message' and get a suggestions that gives them API documentation, then they will just be confused.

    The feedback tab is still very  useful because we can prefill the submit ticket dialog with their name and such, but category filter would take it to the next level! 

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    Did this ever happen? We are just now starting to use the feedback tab, but a big problem we are having is we only want relevant knowledge base topics to show up when user's ask a quest. We have multiple versions of our software.

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    +1 for this.  Having the ability to customise the response based on a particular set of tags associated against a help centre articles (or group of) would be really helpful.  We have a number of different groups of users/customers the information of which should not overlap.

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    One way we were able to get around this problem was to use the spoke and hub system of organizing accounts. I think it is only for enterprise, but the main account administrator just set up separate accounts for our different versions (we have separate support teams anyway for the different versions) and that way we have a separate feedback with separate groups of support staff and a separate knowledge base that gets searched.

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