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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey guys! Thanks so much for sharing your feedback on this!

    There's another post on this same topic that's seen a bit more action, so in the interest of keeping things tidy and easy to find I'm going add a link to that post here:

    Add cc field to view filters

    Thanks again for your input! We appreciate it!

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    I'd like to be able to have the field "CC" available in Views conditions too.

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    j prost

    This would be very beneficial for those that have multiple agents working a ticket (one primary and one secondary in the CC). Being able to setup a view where the CC contains current user would fantastic. And being able to define it as a custom email address or end-user name would be very helpful to focus in on that users cases.

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    Markus Gruber

    Of course it would be great! I'm waiting for this feature since a long time. It would be good if you can add specific ticket numbers to a view, that makes sense if you would like to watch some tickts.

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    Erin Boyle

    Hi all,

    Although you can't add a CC to view conditions, there is a personal view of tickets you're CC'd on available by going to your profile in the new Zendesk interface.  I know it doesn't cover all use cases, but I wanted to point it out in case it's helpful.

    1.  Click on your profile image in the upper right-hand corner, then select "View profile page."


    1.  Click on "ccs"



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    Petrus Kinnunen

    We would also be interested in this feature.

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    David Gamba

    Unfortunately that CC list doesn't show last comment when hovering over the ticket. Meaning not only you have to go there instead of a view to get those tickets but you also have to click through all tickets to know if there is anything of interest.

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    It would be helpful to have CC responses come through the Home area where you see comments added to tickets.

    Personally, I filter all my Zendesk emails out of my inbox because there are just too many and I'm in ZD all the time anyway.

    I think it's odd that I don't get a notification from within ZD when there's activity on a case I'm CC'd on.

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    Pooja Arora

    It would be helpful to have CC responses available in  view

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    James Perez

    I'm surprised there are not more requests for this feature.

    The "click on user profile to view ccs" option is not very flexible or searchable.  Our agents need to filter and save searches as views to work more collaboratively.  That way if a ticket is submitted by someone in their group but is assigned to another group, they can still view and organize them because they are cc'd.  (This is all under the assumption that agents can't see every ticket in zendesk, just the ones in their group.)


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    Danielle Faris

    This feature is needed ASAP!! :-)  We have agents forgetting to look at tickets they are CC'd on.  They click on the email alert, view and close the ticket.  After they look at their tickets in their views but forget about the CC'd ones.  

    While the "click on user profile to view CCs" is an okay work around.. it is NOT intuitive.  

    Will this be a feature in the future?



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    This features is needed. Multiple agents at my company work on the same tickets at the same time. Using the CC as a view filter would fix this issue.


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    Finbarr O'Connor


    I'll often need to escalate tickets 'up the chain' but I want to be able to create a custom view to be able to 'monitor' them.

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    Chris Kruse

    I would also like this feature.  It would be nice to add further fields to the filter that are not available in the Profile Page.  It would also allow me to create views for other agents rather than just myself.

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    Terry Knox

    Just tried to make a view for people who are CCd into tickets and was amazed it wasn't an option! 

    Definite +1 from me. 

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