Customization of the dashboard


  • John Tolle

    Thanks, Daragh, for the suggestions.  I stopped using bookmarks years ago because it made my memory lazy and I bookmarked so many sites that the bookmarks because worthless (finding the right bookmark took more time than simply recalling the memory in my own head).

    Right now, I simply type in our support URL which goes to our Zendesk site... and loads the infamous dashboard.

    But my habits, as far as To Bookmark or Not To Bookmark, are a distraction from the issue at hand.

  • Andrew Jacobson

    The updates to your tickets bar is valuable, you don't get that on a views page. So booking marking a views page or using the standard landing page, both give you half of what you need.

    So either please make the updates to you tickets available as on option in views, or make views selectable on the home page?


  • Brian Johnson

    So, I'd like to submit that a feature request over SIX YEARS OLD being discussed as 'something new to explore' is the very definition of 'why people leave Zendesk.'

    The ability to set, per agent/group/whatever the "default landing page" be it dashboard or a specific view isn't something that should take an entire three month sprint to discuss, and then another 2-3 sprints to implement.


    This is where you deeply apologize for ignoring the community for six-plus years.  That would be a great start in improving your reputation, which as of late, is pretty awful.


  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi all - 

    An update for you here, the product team that works on support has let us know that the agent interface is something that they're working on in 2019, and I have flagged this thread as a primary one for those product managers to review. 

    To address Brian's comments above, we are deeply aware that communication in the product feedback topics in the community has not always been good. The truth is that using the forums to collect feedback hasn't scaled well as the company and the size of our user base has grown, and the amount of feedback that we receive has significantly outpaced both what we can respond to as well as what we can actually address in our development cycles. 

    We are re-evaluating how we collect, use, and respond to feedback from our customers this year and will be changing this process so that it's a better experience for everyone involved, and doesn't leave community conversations languishing for years. Thank you for your participation in our community, and for your patience with us while we find a better way to process your feedback. 



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