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    Jay Solomon

    I would love this, too. I think it's been upped to 14 since this comment was made, but I don't understand why we can't see a lot more and then scroll. We have so much use for more views.

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    It's still on 12 for me and I have over 20 views (one for each client) so this is a huge pain. The requesting process is very long and seems to be based on pot-luck if features you want get implemented... Is there another way to escalate this? I see this more as a design flaw than a feature

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    j prost

    I would love to be able to specify per user the number of personal views that we see.

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    Lianna Kearns

    Desperate for this feature to be added!

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    Tammy Steffen

    I am trying to create a view for each organization on service with us. The goal is to have one dashboard to see how many tickets each of our customers has at any given time without having to drill into each individual account. I began adding each organization into the view function, however I have found there is a limit to the number of line items accepted. I was only able to add 6 of our 50 customers to be viewed on the list. I was looking at the forum but it didn't seem to be much assistance, other than telling me there is a limit.

    Adding a new page to see all organizations with ticket counts or adding the ability to create more views would be extremely helpful to manage our customers!

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    I concur! Please add a scrollbar to the views section!

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    Darrin Bebout

    My organization just moved off the classic Zendesk UI and we've hit this limitation.  In the classic UI, you used to have a show more link which allow you to browse your full set of group and personal views.  The new UI took this feature away.  Please add it back.  The new process of drilling into the Manage Views page is much more cumbersome.  Please fix this.

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    Jorge Angulo Zúñiga

    It would be really helpful to have a larger amount of visible Views so we can keep track of different customers easily, instead of changing views on the configure options each time you want to see another one.

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    Leigh A

    I'd also love the ability for agents to choose which shared views are displayed and which are not.  

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    Jacob Beasley

    I'd recommend a couple things: 

    1) Make sorting easier than it is now

    2) Let users select which ones to show (could be as simple as "starring" a view as a "favorite" view)

    3) Make site responsive so it shows as many views as will fit the space


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    Jake Holman

     Let users select which ones to show (could be as simple as "starring" a view as a "favorite" view)

    This is actually something we're interested in doing. Right now, admins control the ordering for everyone in the Zendesk account. No one has a personalized list of views.

    Love to hear some opinions and feedback from support managers and admins on a change such as that.

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    Igor Blumberg


    It's really important to my triage agent to know how many tickets each support agent has opened. Since the limit is 8 (private) views I'm stuck with no solution.

    What can be done do fix this?

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    Sam Dresser

    Right now you can set the ability for agents to create and manage their own views. This is done in Admin > Manage > Views. Would be great if, for the system views, they could say "Deactivate" or "Activate" for just THEIR own account, also re-order. Or potentially have checkboxes that they could check or uncheck.

    Likewise, we'd need the administrator to be able to force a view to be set to "always active" or "always on" if it's something that needs to be there.

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    Chris Alfaro

    BUMP! More views please.

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    Alex DiFabio


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    Jay Kelly


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    Mack Rienstra

    Looks like a long standing issue with multiple threads. No input by moderator that I could find?!

    Could a moderator comment on this - maybe it's on the improvements list.Maybe there's a reason to limit the available views and display ample wasted space below.

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    Adetona Ajao

    I concur. Bump, +1 or whatever catches your fancy, but as administrator I would really love to be able to fit more than 12 general views for my agents.


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    When we are working from the Views tab on the left of the screen, the available Views displayed are limited in number, only using about half the vertical space, and there is no setting we can find to increase the number of Views that are accessible from this screen, where our support staff works from. When there is a setup View that is not viewable from these limited options, you have to click on "More>" down below just to see additional hidden views, and the workflow is ruined (ie. having an extra click, and no longer being able to see the number of tickets per view, and not being able to easily see the tickets in that view when clicking through it). For such an important function of a support ticket system, you should really have this optimized and efficient for agents to be able to use Views as much as possible within the intended workflow. Can you please update our account, add this feature, or let us know how to customize our View's space to show more views? We have already used the re-organize feature to bring important Views to the top of the list, but we have way more other important Views that we also need easy access to. Please listen to your community begging you for this feature for 6 years now! 

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    Fabiana Cooke

    I am also interested in having a custom view of more views than the limited 8 for personal views. It is very annoying have to go more for more views..

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