Import /export Macros


  • Denise

    I agree.  We have literally over 400 macros and it is just not efficient to update macros one by one.  I would love to see an export/import feature so that we may mass edit macros effectively and efficiently.

  • Liz Rosen

    +100.  In addition to what Denise said, having the ability to export would provide a really nice way to view/print them as a training tool for new support team members, since many of our step-by-step how-to's are in macros whereas the same information is presented differently in KB articles. 

  • Matt

    Just checking in to see if importing macros is something that has been implemented since the original comment in 2013? Thanks. 

  • Sarah Cahill

    I completely agree. It is painful to update them. We have an ever changing product so single words need to be changed all the time. I have to go into each macro and scan for the word!!! 


    Also it would be good to see previous versions of the macro and link them back to customer Csats that way we can test what works better than others. 

    In mt company we work closely with other area of the business and being able to export the macro and send them to legal or marketing to approve would be great!!!

  • Елена Мусинова

    To be able to export macros has been something that we have been requiring for a long time now.

    Is it possible to add to the zendesk roadmap?

  • Derek

    +1 this would be huge for us

  • Leigh Bible

    Agreed, it would be very helpful to be able to export our macros into a excel sheet, ect and then use find and replace to update masses of macros or remove out of date info rather than having to update on a one-on-one basis.

  • Moshe


    Is there an API to bulk import Macros?

  • Moshe


  • Leonor L.

    any update?

  • Kate Styer

    I also have this need about to migrate 30 teams and 2000K+ hotkeys/macros.  I see that the API can be leveraged but a .csv import would be extremely helpful as well.  Thanks.

  • Leigh Cohen

    Would love this feature. I keep looking for it, thinking I just can't find it!

  • SurveyCake Support

    That will be extremely helpful!

  • Moshe

    I agree - I do it now through an api, but import/export will make life much easier

  • Peter

    Yes - definitely a must have feature moving forward. 

  • Jahana Uchtman

    Is this on the roadmap? Creating 250 macros one-by-one is not efficient.

  • cseguier

    yes we all need this feauture !!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Mulligan

    Yes please!!! Also curious.... Is this on the roadmap? How many comment/+1s does it take to get something on the roadmap?

  • Rim Hamdi

    Any comment from a Zendesk rep would be appreciated least to know if this is something Zendesk is planning on implementing, or simply not. 

  • Mindaugas Verkys

    @Rim this is true sad story 5 years to wait an answer

  • Kristen Mirenda

    Hi there -- this is a great idea and something that has come up as we consider the more general theme of making it easier to manage all your business rules. However, it's not currently planned. We are focused on making business rules management more efficient, but this exact feature has not yet made it to the top of our backlog. 

    However, it's really helpful that many of you have shared exactly why you're asking for this feature. This input informs how we think about rule management holistically, and you may well see aspects addressed via different functionality. 

    Thank you for your patience as we balance literally hundreds of feature requests with our limited resources! We are reading each of these requests, even if we don't always have bandwidth to immediately or actively engage in a conversation about them. 

  • Adam

    @Kristen @Zendesk team - It is now 1874 days Or 5 years, 1 month and 17 days since @Scott Whitton opened this thread.

    This thread contains around 20 customers from different companies looking for a simple feature, we are not asking for a "complicated" API or cURL solution, JUST a simple CSV we can export and import back to change bulk macros.

    After working with Zendesk for 6 years now I think its the right time to move on => I'm starting to search for a replacement, there are a lof of good solutions out there such as SalesForce, Wix Answers, kayako, Zoho  etc`

    If you can't provide a suitable solution for 1,874 days...  Bye Bye Zendesk.






  • Mindaugas Verkys

    We also have more than 1k macros and it's painful to update them and it's not only for import/export, but also how do you use them. When we use macros not only as shortcut for text, but also for reporting, tags, etc, we have to disable "edit" rights from others, because simple one of many agents if would put it for example "SET TAGS" instead of ADD, it could delete all reporting based on tags, or workaround many restrictions as we have with triggers. For example only manager can tag some tickets to stop sending CSat.

    When you use macro only for text small workaround:

    I know that it's not the best option, but at least for updating/editing text you can create a dynamic content and it has import/export option. So for each new macro at first you need to create also "dynamic content" which can be mono-language, but after some time it's easier update it.

  • Katie

    @Kristin, I don't know what the business rules are that outrank this, but in general this is a fundamental feature of Zendesk that helps me and my team determine the status and disposition of tickets. I can't imagine that your customers would be any less than thrilled to have this feature. 

  • Jacky Feng

    Hi there, really really need this. Any updates by chance?

  • Lucas Martins Lousada

    Was not finding it at all, I created a bashscript to do this:

    100% working, 100% stupid.. but I had no time to do this

    $ cat



    # how many entries to create

    #this could get how many entries json have with something like ( cat file.json | grep title | wc -l )

    #get macros from zendesk user

    #this will not get page 2 /3 etc.. need to be updated to do this
    #nciphermacros=$(curl https://{GET_FROM_HERE} -v -u $user:$passwd)


    # get only user's personal macros and just useful information
    #mymacros=$(echo $nciphermacros | jq '.macros[] | select(.restriction.type == "User") | {title: .title , active: .active , actions: .actions , restriction: .restriction}')

    # get only non personal user macros
    #mymacros=$(echo $nciphermacros | jq '.macros[] | select(.restriction.type != "User") | {title: .title , active: .active , actions: .actions , restriction: .restriction}')

    for((i=0; i <= $howmany ; ++i)) do

    #this will post 1 macro at a time 

    echo $mymacros | jq -s ".[$i]" | xargs -0 -I DATA curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"macro": DATA }' -u $user:$passwd "https://{POST_TO_HERE}"



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