Allow Redirect of Urls


  • Jachin Scott

    We also need this functionality.

  • Robert Orzanna (Sheetgo)

    How about this implementation with a new text box on the right side?

  • Brooke Wayne


    I originally posted two messages in this thread here: and was told to post here instead. Just reposting what I originally wrote on the page in the link for clarity's sake: 


    "Wondering for an update on this! It's 2018, and we're hitting a lot of roadblocks where deleted links are becoming more costly for our product. 

    Would love to see a solution to set up redirect links for deleted articles - that doesn't involve Javascript. It would be awesome to specify a new redirect link when you delete/unpublish an article like others have been saying!" 

  • Sarah Boyd

    We also need this functionality for many reasons (reporting, tracking, SEO, etc...). We follow the KCS methodology and as part of the Evolve loop, we need the ability to redirect articles at any given time. With over 2,000 articles (and counting), using JS to redirect articles will quickly become time consuming and unmanageable. Additionally, we need 30X directs in order for search engines to properly redirect viewers as well. 

  • Stephen Belleau

    +1, we have the same use case regarding KCS that Sboyd mentioned. I'd also like to highlight the numerous times I've encountered broken links on Zendesk's own help center. This feature would certainly benefit everyone.

  • David da Silva Rosa

    I would desperately need this functionality in ZD. The JS fix published in your documentation is not an appropriate solution.

  • Dan Ross

    +1 for being able to have a 30x redirect. The solution suggested by Robert above would be a great location to implement this feature! 



  • David Atwood

    +1. We need for global branding to allow two top level domains to point to ZenDesk

  • Brendan O'Driscoll

    I'd like to add my name to the list of requests for redirect functionality.

    We recently migrated to Zendesk and, having accepted that links would break as a result, put in the work to update those across our digital assets. This is not something that we could afford to do twice.

    We also implemented the solution indicated here to a small extent: (it's a temporary fix for some URLs but is certainly not scalable). What happens when the URL strings in the .JS get to 100+ or more? I image the pressure that might put on page loads.

    Going forward, there's a more pressing matter: we need the ability to redirect users to new updated articles that have replaced older content. These articles are referenced everywhere (in our blogs, nurture campaigns, and even our product's code!). Our customers also bookmark a lot of this same material for reference in internal wikis, etc.

    Article versioning (while great) does not address the need to replace a set of documents wholesale. We need the ability to manage links more broadly.


  • Scott Havard

    I also need this functionality.

    Ideally I would use 30x redirection, but I ended up needing to utilize a JS script as people have mentioned above. Many people have shared great solutions, so I would like to share mine as well:

    This is far from the ideal, 30x redirect solution though. Feel free to reach out with questions.

  • Annie Ashenfelter

    We have implemented JS redirects, but it appears that these do not function properly when clicked from within the Zendesk Web Widget.  Can anyone else using JS report on this?

    Scenario: We imported all articles from another system.  Our articles include links to other articles, based on the old system.  Redirects function properly when that link is accessed via the web browser.  If an article is pulled up via the Web Widget, and a link clicked from within, a new browser tab opens and the redirect fails.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Annie, you may want to re-post your question in the Guide Q&A topic for more visibility. 

  • Sarah Nicholaev

    We also need this functionality. 


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