Ticket export tool for End-users (Export tickets by organization)


  • Jiri Kanicky

    In 7 years Zendesk is not able to provide simple export to CSV option in customer portal. Just mind blowing. This shows total lack of support from Zendesk to paying customers who requested this several years ago.

  • Darren Bell

    Does Zendesk actually listen and action any of these requests, other than posting platitudes? 

    We have been on Zendesk for 18 months now and so many requests we have put forward are against existing posts that are many years old with lots of supporting posts from other users. This is another one to add to our list of requests. Zednesk already does it in the Agent view!

    The Customer Portal is lacking in several areas - in searching / filtering, especially when you have many tickets in the list. It certainly hasn't improved in the last 18 months.


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