[Duplicate] Reordering of Fields when Using Ticket Forms



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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey guys! Thanks so much for sharing your feedback on this!

    There's another post on this same topic that's seen a bit more action, so in the interest of keeping things tidy and easy to find I'm going add a link to that post here:

    Thanks again for your input! We appreciate it!

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    Kris Scuteri

    I concur.  I find it odd that its not already designed this way.  Forms would flow better from a user standpoint if you could rearrange custom above system fields.

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    Steve Thompson

    I'm surprised this is not more popular as it seems like a fundamental design flaw in being able to customize the ticket form to your companies specifications.

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    Ryan Winkler (Edited )

    To Keep similar requests all together, here are some links to them. If you find more, please post them as well -- It will help Product know there is more want for it than the votes here!:


    Reordering of Fields when Using Ticket Forms


     Reorder System Fields - Ticket Forms


    Ability to create Ticket form without the constraint requiring the system fields


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    Adetona Ajao (Edited )


    I absolutely agree with everyone's opinion. The flow of the form breaks a bit when user are prompted to write a description before being able to pick a department, to give you an example of my own issues with the subject.


    And thanks a lot for grouping all those articles, Ryan, as you say, the more concentrated we are the better for Product.

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    Lucas Martini (Edited )

    Bump! This needs to be implemented asap.

    Complex conditional forms should pretty much take all the information from the user before he gets to the description so that he saves time with the description itself!

    I'm going to have to hack some JS in my forms to make it so, it would be really sad for the user to take his time to write a nice description and then find on the next fields that half of the stuff he typed would have been covered by drop-downs and whatnot. :(


    Here's my hack, enjoy. If you don't have attachments in your form, or if you want the description after attachments, you should remove the prev() call.

    (Add this to the end of the New Request page template)

    PS: Use it at your own risk, can't guarantee it will work with your template/theme, or at all!



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