Automations based on minutes or factions of hours


  • Colin Piper

    I have given this idea support in the hope that it may extend in to the SLA area also.

  • Kreece Fuchs


    Is there a way to set automations to take place after XYZ minutes (vs only after x hours?)
    We want to see if it's possible if a ticket is not updated within 15 minutes for high priority tickets that we want to notifiy a group of people (a la pagerduty).

    Thank you
  • Winston Price

    Add me to this list too.  We have 30 minute SLAs for Urgent issues and not having the automation work properly for this is a critical issue for us.  This must be fixed to allow us to work properly in Zendesk.



  • Brendan Ittelson

    +1 This is critical functionality for SLAs

  • Keith Christofferson

    We would rather not build this functionality using the API, this feature is very important as our SLA is one hour, and we'd really like to trigger alerts BEFORE an SLA breach occurs so it can be prevented.

    This was requested three years ago, is there any update on this?

  • Cody Stokes

    This could be very helpful in our case. 

    In our example we'd like to be notified if a ticket goes an hour unassigned. 

    Our automation appears to run 5 minutes after the hour. So if a ticket comes in at 3:19 it doesn't turn an hour old until 4:19, 14 minutes after the automation runs at 4:05. So the ticket has to wait 46 more minutes for the automation to come by at 5:05 and catch it. If we could define 45 minute (.75 hour) value we could catch more of these closer to their 1 hour aged mark than 1 hour 30+ minute mark. 

  • Ellen James

    I can't stress how much we need this functionality.  Having recently implemented Zendesk, this is the only area that we feel is lacking and doesn't meet our needs.  SLA management was a really big reason for selecting Zendesk over other products and to find that the functionality is hampered by hourly automation process is a massive let down - to say the least.

  • Steve Jordan

    We would also love to be able to leverage automations in < 1 hour increments.

  • Isobel Murray

    Adding my voice to this too!

  • Rudolph


  • Egīls Eglītis

    Please add my voice too!

  • Susan Maher

    We also have SLAs measured in minutes and not hours. Add us to the list.  This is a critical area and one of the main reasons we changed to this solution.  SLA management is the best way to ensure we don't drop the ball specially with important high paying customers.  We need to be notified before an SLA breach as well as after.   

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Yes, please we need faster Automations!



  • Evgeny Belyaev

    Same here, we have FRT target of 5 minutes and in case nobody replies during that time I need an alert to arrive to the team via other notification channel.
    Seeing that this request has bet been addressed for almost five years, dear colleagues  - have you come up with any workaround solution that you could share?

  • Nchoi

    I would also like to see a solution to this provided. We rely on Zendesk to provide us with instant action items on tickets our customers bring in.

    We will look into the API but really would like to see if anyone else has found a simpler way of achieving this.

  • Luis Lopez

    I'm in the same boat.

    We need notifications for tickets that are not assigned after X minutes.

  • Jesse Pols

    Seeing that this has been sitting here for almost five years I think it is safe to assume that no one at Zendesk has the answer.

    Perhaps there is a workaround but haven't found anything as of yet.

    Would be amazing if someone had the answer so I am happy to add myself to this list of people awaiting a way to get notifications in minutes not hours.

  • Lucas Crostarosa

    Hi - I am currently building an application to handle this sort of functionality. Please email me at if you would be interested in piloting the app! 

  • Rasmus Kjeldgaard

    Even thou this is a old thread +1

  • Lisa Wiedenroth

    We quite urgently need this functionality as well. Anyone from Zendesk got any news to this? 

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Lisa - 

    The product teams are aware of and sympathetic to this request, however no immediate fixes are in the works for this issue. I'll be sure to share if and when that changes. 

  • Sam Donovan

    Our Team is also interested in this enhancement to the functionality. Specifically to allow 15 minute increments of automation notifications until an action is hit or changed.

  • Peter Godden

    Hi all, we've built an app that lets you make down-to-the-minute actions on tickets. It's called Timers and is available on the Zendesk marketplace. There's a short 3 min video in the link above that shows how it works. 

  • Curtis Stallings


  • Kristen Mirenda

    Hello -- just a quick update, this change is still not planned for the native Automations feature, although we are keeping it in mind should the opportunity arise.


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