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  • David

    Just submitted a ticket about this very thing. We're missing comments, which is not an effective way to build a support community. This is an incredibly important feature for admins. When you keep making new articles, having each admin follow each article is not efficient or feasible.

  • Wes Drury

    I agree, I don't think I would want an email every time a comment is made but it would be awesome to get a daily digest of the comments by Category or Section.

  • Becky

    This would be really helpful. We've just enabled our Help Center and are trying to come up with the most efficient strategy for addressing comments. At the moment, it looks like our only option is to have individual staff members follow every article, which is beyond inefficient. It's just not doable. What would be most helpful is to have new comments automatically create support tickets.

  • Christian Colding

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to let you all know that we are aware that subscribing to each post is not that effective. Right now that is really the only option, but we will certainly be looking into other ways of doing this. Here at Zendesk we use the same method, so we definitely feel your pain.

    Unfortunately I can't say anything about ETA, but I wanted to let you know that we acknowledge the issue.

  • David

    Thanks, Christian! I know you guys will come out with something great.

  • Chris Purser

    Thanks Christian.  I was just sent here after asking similar questions and being really surprised to hear that there weren't even admin notifications from these unless the admin goes in a manually follows each category.  Yikes.  :D

  • Max McCal
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi, All -

    We're doing a bit of research about how agents engage with Help Center content (like communities or questions on knowledge base) and how that interacts with tickets. If you're using communities or regularly answering customer questions in the knowledge base, we'd love to hear from you. Just give us a bit of info in the following form:

  • Jean Walters

    Hi Max,

    One of my support agents had a good idea.  It would be great if we could configure comments to automatically open a support ticket.  That way, it goes into our queue along with other questions and requests for help, and it ensures that they won't get overlooked.

  • Matt

    Certainly an inefficient process at present. +1 to OP and submitted comments.

  • Samantha Flaherty

    Bit of a nightmare really, especially when trying to encourage interaction with the Help Centre. +1 for this - the sooner the better!!

  • Maria Petersen

    Agreed.  Right now, I am subscribed to every forum, and when I get the notifications in my inbox, I manually forward them to our support email address so that a ticket is created in Zendesk.  It would be awesome if I could just have a setting where I could specify that any comments made on a forum post would auto-forward to my support address and therefore create a new ticket.  Our reps then go to the forums, post in reply, and then close out the ZD ticket with an internal note of "solved."  Any new ETA's or anything on this one?

  • Patrick Harland-Lee

    +1 for this please!

    Have there been any updates on this since it was raised over 2 years ago?

  • Marci Abraham


  • Marc Falzon

    It would be handy if the integration from slack could handle it.

    Is there a technical reason why there cant be a trigger for it? Obviously following is somewhat like having a trigger.

  • Kiryl Sh.

    Hi guys,

    We just released in beta an application that seems to solve the problem of notifications about new posts and/or comments when published in your Help Center.

    Before we validate the app for Zendesk Marketplace, we invite you to test it in beta. Visit our webpage for more details.

    We hope this is the solution you've been looking for.
    Join our beta team!

  • Jennifer Robichaux

    This is really presenting a pain point with our team.

    How our team manages comments/posts:

    We have 7 forum topics and about 200 sections of articles.

    • 2 topics are managed by a team of about a half dozen agents.
    • 5 topics are managed by individuals
    • Articles are managed by our moderator, as there are too many sections to conveniently subscribe to them all.

    So, this issue really affects the two topics that are managed by the team, and the articles.

    The challenges of having a team share topics:

    We have a team of about a half dozen agents that all share the responsibility of responding to a couple of our forum sections. This requires that each of them subscribe to those sections, then everyone has to check to see if the post has received a response.

    We could have one person assign these round robin to the team. However, some days one person might have more time than another. So, the flexibility of allowing agents to pick up forum posts as their schedule allows is really important to us.

    With so many hands in the process, it's also too easy for a post to get missed. While we eventually discover and get a response out, it might be weeks later, which is really poor service.

    The challenges of having hundreds of sections:

    We've really built out our Knowledge Base, and sections help us organize that content. This is great for our team (lots of easy information for us to reference) and for our customers (same reason!) However, it makes managing comments difficult.

    It's highly impractical to have someone subscribe to all of the sections. So, instead our moderator simply looks out for comments on articles - and then immediately responds to those posts so that they don't get lost and forgotten.

    This means that it's not practical to have the team share the responsibility of responding to these posts in the same way as the topics. While this is a not a big deal for us right now, it's an inconvenience.


    We've tried setting up what Maria suggested - where we subscribe a dedicated email to the forum, then forward the posts to Zendesk. However, we've found that these tickets are suspended because they come from "". The explanation we've been given is that these are suspended to avoid mail loops.

    Since there isn't a work around option even available - having a native option to create tickets from comments/posts would be tremendously helpful. 

    Of course, there are some questions to consider. Some that come to mind include:

    1. Do you create tickets for all posts, even those created by users with your domain name and/or agent logins?
    2. Can you select which articles and/or forum topics should result in tickets per each post/comment?

    I think customization here would be great. But ultimately, we would be happy with just having everything created as a ticket. We would be much more empowered to provide better customer service if everything dumped into one place. Then we could sort through the tickets, solve the ones that don't need a response, and create a single queue (and source of truth) for our agents.

    That said - we'd prefer the following solutions:

    1. An option to "blacklist" which emails and/or domains should not result in tickets, from posts/comments. The number of people on our team responding is far fewer than the number of customers that are engaged in our community. This should be an easy list for us to populate.
    2. An option to select which forum topics and article sections should result in tickets from their posts. I could see some wanting a blanket - "All article sections" or "All forum topics". Though, the best solution for our team would be "All article sections" and "Specific forum topics".

    In the meantime, if anyone finds a work around for this -- please share!

  • Jennifer Robichaux

    After a little more trial and error I determined a way that these can be forwarded to Zendesk, though the process is much more manual.

    If I completely delete the sender information from the email notification, then forward this onto our Zendesk, it successfully creates a ticket:

    It's a bit more work, but it's a solution we're going to run with for the time being. Hope this helps others!

  • Hunter J Marshall

    Has there been an update on this at all? I really want any comments to create a Ticket. 

  • Andrei Kamarouski

    Hi Hunter J Marshall!
    Join our beta here

  • Anthony Williamson

    Hi All

    Has Zendesk figured out yet how to notify all agents of a comment being placed in Help Centre yet. The suggestion that all agents subscribe in e-mail simply does not work for our organisation.

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Anthony -

    It's not something that has been built into the product at this point in time, but it is something that you can build leveraging the API. There are endpoints for all of the comments, so it's something that can be put together with some development resources. As you can see, we've added this to our own Help Center. The notifications only pull in the 6 most recent, but you could likely build an in-app notification stream that would pull everything.

    That being said, this is definitely a request that is on the Guide product team's radar, as many users are struggling with finding all notifications for HC activity. I encourage everyone to continue up-voting the original post and adding your detailed use-cases to this conversation.

  • Anthony Williamson

    Thank you Nicole

    Like most Support Managers, we don't have the means or resources to throw development at the API so do encourage that this be an urgent (long overdue based on postings I have seen) ask to get Agents eyes on the Community boards and help consumers requests get answered more timely rather than hearing 'oh yeah sorry boss, we forgot... AGAIN' from our agent bullpen. Agent notifications removes that excuse for us Managers.

    Thanks for listening

  • Anthony Williamson

    Thank you @Jennifer Robichaux - I am most of the way there... working on a way to automate your addendum for a complete solution...

  • Tiago Domingos Costa

    Hi, I am following a section of our kb. A comment was posted as a test and i did not receive a notification for this comment. How can we solve this, please?

  • Richard Hartley

    Please provide a way of alerting those that manage Guide articles that comments have been made.  I just noticed a comment from 25 days ago that we have ignored!  

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Richard - 

    You can follow all of the sections in your KB, and that will send you an email notification any time a comment or post is made on one of your articles. 


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