More Social Media Integration Options


  • Henrik Heusala

    This is a must going forward :) 

  • Moderate Nomad

    Sorry to bump this up, but really need to know whether or not you have more social integration like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+  

  • Igor Numeriano

    No updates? :(

  • Anthony Khedaywi

    This would be super useful!

  • Simon Supreme

    Definitely needed!

  • Intis Kalnins

    My company operates in Australia where Twitter has never been very popular. Instagram is probably our second largest social media platform, so it would be great to create tickets from Instagram comments in future.

  • Mark van der Werf

    YouTube would be great! And we also really like to inegrate with Instagram.

  • Zac

    These platforms would be super helpful:

    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Youtube
    • Tumblr
  • Boatsetter Customer Service

    We could really use that as well. Boosting for Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube especially. 

  • Joel Hellman

    Zendesk released a new framework for channels this year that makes it possible for developers and vendors to build new channel integrations, and so I'd say it's likely we'll see more integrations being built from now on. 

    At the moment, for the channels mentioned in this thread, there is a pretty new integration to YouTube in the app market, you can check it out here: YouTube Channel Integration

  • Leon van Klink

    Hi Joel!

    Are you referring to Zendesk developers or developers within the companies that use Zendesk?


  • Joel Hellman

    Hi Leon

    Anyone can try to build an integration with a channel with the new framework, so it's perfectly possible for local developers in your company to do this, if they learn how, and you have the resources. You can point your developers to the channel framework docs

  • Patrick Hogan

    Hi Jenn,

    Indeed, Social Media Integration will really be a big help in easier accessing of social profiles with just a click of a button. Try checking out Tenfold. It's a CTI that can support Zendesk and other CRMs, and has that exact feature you're looking for. Tenfold also has a cool user-friendly floating UI, and a Click To Dial Anywhere feature that can really help you out. Visit to learn more.

    Hope this helps.

  • Michelle McCombs


  • Mjm3bg

    We need instragram at the minimum

  • Christina Fountain

    Another vote for Instagram - thank you.

  • Alex Ribeiro

    The new facebook Inbox tools is managing Fabook private messages, Message chats and now Istagram messages... C'mon Zendesk try it now!


  • Wes Donahoe

    We need an automatic Instagram integration! For now I will use my Facebook pages manager. However, it would be really nice to have everything in one place.... Hopefully Zendesk will roll this out soon!

  • Abdullah

    Vote for Instagram !

  • Joe Reich

    Hi Everyone, 


    Just wondering if any progress has been made on Instagram support, we have a very strong presence there and it would be nice to be able to manage all feedback in Zendesk and not have to use a 3rd party app. 



  • Gilberto Meléndez A.

    Is instagram support coming soon?

  • Chris

    I vote for Instagram, pinterest, and youtube!

  • Brenda Piersak

    Vote for Instagram & pinterest!

    Does the app marketplace offer anything for either of these right now?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Brenda, 

    Thanks for your feedback. We aren't focusing on social media integrations at this time; most of our development resources are being devoted to improving our core functionality. 

    That being said, I encourage everyone to share details about your use cases - i.e. how your business uses these platforms and how you would use Zendesk to help manage them  - as that information is the most helpful to Product Managers. 

    I did search the Apps Directory, but didn't see anything for Pinterest or Instagram. 

  • Carsten Falborg

    Hi Everyone

    Just want to let you guys know that we launched an Instagram for Zendesk channel:

    Check it out!

  • Christopher Rehn

    I'd love an Instagram integration, but $40 per account seems excessive. Can a proper Instagram integration be added for Zendesk?

  • Carsten Falborg

    Hi Christopher

    Carsten from HelpHouse here. We are the ones that have created the Instagram for Zendesk channel. You are more than welcome to write to and request a quote for our apps. ie. we have special startup and small business rates. Looking forward to speaking with you.

    Btw. Just to clarify - The 39Usd is pr Zendesk Account you install it on. Not pr. Instagram account you add or pr. Zendesk agent you have.

    Br. Carsten -

  • Tim Davy

    Instagram is almost essential as we move closer to 2020

    Basic functions are wall comment replies and Direct Messages.

    2 functions, that's it. Doesn't need to be fancy.

    Please seriously consider this. 2 functions :)

  • Carsten Falborg

    Hi Tim

    With the Instagram channel currently available in the Marketplace you can reply to wall comments, but Direct Messages isn't possible since the current API from facebook simply doesn't support DM's. We would love to get DM's in our app, but we can't at the moment...

  • Tim Davy

    Thanks Carsten,

    However it just doesn't make financial sense for us. Thanks for the feedback any way.

    Cheers Tim

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