Summary; Allow us to be able to view individuals who viewed forum articles


I can see it s possible to to view the number of hits a forum article has achieved, however we are wondering if it is at all possible to see the actual individuals who are looking at them. 


Expected Result; 

For example, Bob raises a support ticket, we direct him an article in the forums, is it possible to see if Bob did indeed look at the article. 



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    I'm going to +1 here. This would be a really handy feature to monitor the effectiveness of encouraging users to visit self-help. People use Zendesk in such a variety of ways, Being able to have an automation which notified a particular agent if a customer views a particular article is actually a feature we would use a lot.

    One use case:

    We have a category for each service we offer (6). And some customers only use 1 or 2, and so being able to alert the Account Managers of that customer when someone is viewing articles about a service they don't yet subscribe to is a really cool thing!

    I'd like to see it as a reporting function for on demand per article type tasks, and also an automation function to allow for notifications.

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    +1 here as well. I want to drive our agents to use the Help Center, in doing so, we need a mechanism to identify which agents did or did not view the article.

    Would also benefit if a duration the article was view &/or if the scroll bar was used during viewing (indication they moved through the article).

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