Separate light agents from normal agents in reporting



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    Colin Piper

    Sabrina, this makes sense. I often want to add a filter to a report and just do not need to list all agents, just my staff ones.

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    Aaron Schweitzer

    This is important for my org as well.  We need to be able to separate these in reporting as the roles have different responsibilities and KPIs...

    Seems like an obvious and simple thing to add.

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    Adetona Ajao

    +1 Indeed.

    Sorry for the necroposting, but I couldn't help but wonder if this ever got added as a feature or if anyone came up with any workarounds to separate agents from light agents in reporting.



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    Alonzo, Alex

    +1 I would also like to see a solution for this.

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    Dennis Versteeg

    yes please :).. 

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