Zendesk query - draft messages


  • Fransisco Samara

    This topic has been circulating for 6 years and not a single improvement was made?

  • Kyle

    The current Drafts functionality is sub-optimal and the UX is confusing at best.

    1. While the text entered in the composer is saved when exiting a ticket, users receive a notification that changes will not be saved:


    If text is present in the composer, a notification should be shown to state a draft will be saved.

    2. Drafts should be visible to all agents; e.g. if Agent A creates a draft and saves it, Agent B should be able to see that draft

    3. Draft should have a default view available

    These three additions would greatly enhance agent collaboration; as well as managerial oversight of less senior agent that may want a review / feedback or input prior to sending. 

    Helpscout does a great job of managing drafts functionality; and I'm surprised Zendesk does have a better treatment in place for this functionality. 

  • Jimmy Lin

    Kyle - have you seen the Save as Drafts integration for Zendesk here?  It may meet your needs.  Please note that I am the developer, so I can answer any questions you may have.  https://www.zendesk.com/apps/support/save-as-draft/


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