API usage through PHP and CUrl

Hi guys,

I want to write a small plugin that makes it possible to register joomla users automatically in our zendesk account. Now before I start I wanted to ask if there is anybody that has a small example of using the API with curl and php (I wouldn't mind writing it by myself, but inventing the wheel twice is not my intention). Here is nothing in that forum, on the homepage only the command line version is explained -** I think this could be an interesting plugin**** I would be willing to contribute to the community**. Just give me a small php sample using the POST data in curl and I do the rest.

We want integrate most of the zendesk features into joomla so this is a good starting point I think, and joomla is a widely used system missing a good helpdesk software (no i do not want to use rstickets or anything else, we tried it - it sucks, I love my zendesk).

best regards and thanks for the help

Alexander Kludt

Aggrosoft it intelligence


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