Ruby gem wrapper for Zendesk REST API

Hey all

We could not find a gem to use in our rails environment and we needed to interact with the Zendesk REST API from http://upsido.com to Zendesk. By creating tickets from our RubyOnRails environment etc..

So here it is the Ruby wrapper for Zendesk REST API


Source: http://github.com/pgericson/zendesk-api

Documentation: http://github.com/pgericson/zendesk-api

Quick install: gem install zendesk-api


Its not perfect yet but hopefully the zendesk community will contribute and enhance it.


current version 0.2.0



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    Great stuff Peter!  Thanks for your contribution to integration with Zendesk.

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    There are a few on Github. This seems the most promising


    Given the copyright notice, is that developed by a Zendesk employee?

    I'm a little surprised Zendesk doesn't provide clients for popular languages.

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    Thanks for the link Robert!  

    Just getting going with a Ruby web app we want to integrate with ZD support via the API.  This looks good! 

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    I should also let you know that we are working on an official Ruby REST client as part of API v2, which we'll be releasing shortly.  The Ruby REST client will come soon after.

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    Awesome Steven, thank you for the info!

    I know it's an impossible question, but have to ask anyways .... any rough time frame you can communicate for what 'soon' might be? :)

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    Hi TJ, API v2 will be in the coming week.  I don't have an ETA on the Ruby REST client.

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    Wow, that's awesome on v2!!  Is it too late to put in a request for integration?

    Would be fantastic to be able to interact with the voting for idea forums via the API :)  Will that be included, or can it be?

    Would like to use native Zendesk to present a 'Uervoice' like suggestion / voting option from our site :)


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    Hi TJ, we'll be opening up an API forum for you to make requests like this.  Stay tuned...

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    Fantastic! Thanks Steven!


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    Hi everyone, we've released a new Ruby client here:




    Please check it out and let us know your feedback!

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    This is AWESOME!

    Thanks Steven! 

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    Great timing!

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    Where can integrators retrieve support for the gem?

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