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    Arnaud de Theux

    Hi Max,

    Thanks, I was just looking for that! :)

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    Steven Yan

    Thanks for your contribution Max!  Wanted to let you know that we've just released API v2:

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    Andreas Lydersen


    Thanks for sharing this library!

    I'm having trouble using it for PUT-actions, and as far as I can see there is no examples of such in you files. Could you please give an example on say adding a comment to a ticket? When I try I get an "411 Length Required"-error.



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    Alex Zak

    Saved me a ton of work....

    You guys rock! :)

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    Marwan Rabbaa

    just for information, this library use a deprecated version of API

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    Arnaud de Theux

    @Marwan you are correct. I have updated the article with a link to our new library:

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    Just a heads up that the library at  does in fact support the v2 endpoints now. There've been a couple of recent pull requests as well.

    We're all python at my company so this has been a huge convenience. Thanks to Max and everyone who's contributed.

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    Andrew Von Pelt III

    I've been trying to use this library to do a basic create_ticket command like the docs suggest, and i keep getting the error 

    '400: api v1 basic auth access is disabled'

    If the new version of the zendesk package from eventbrite supports V2 why would these errors be thrown every time.  Is there some way to switch the package to using v2?

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    Sean Kinney

    @Andrew: When you initialize the API client, you can specify the API version to use. If you don't specify a version or specify v1, then the old endpoints will be used which will result in the 400 error you received. You should be able to specify api_version=2 when you initialize the client to force it to use the v2 endpoints.

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