API access to customers of companies that use zendesk

What API is available to customers of companies that use zendesk as their help desk software. So If I am a customer of multiple companies that use zendesk, are there any options available that would allow the me to aggregate all my support tickets via an API.


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    Hi Kemi, the best approach here would be to use the API to separately pull tickets from each help desk.  We don't have a means of aggregating all of your requests across multiple Zendesk help desks today.

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    Hi Steven

    Thank you for the response.  So an end-user can also invoke the API and it is not limited to agents.



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    Kemi, that's correct.  If you refer to http://www.zendesk.com/api/tickets, there's a section near the bottom titled "REST API: Tickets for End Users".  Here you'll see that we expose a /requests resource which should be used by end-users to create, update, list and modify their tickets.

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    thank you

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