Feature request: Retrieve tickets based on numerical custom field


I am using the API with asp.net c#, and am able to retreive tickets based on ticket ID's, tickets that are in views, and tickets for certain e-mails. I am needing to retreive tickets based on a custom field that represents an ID number. So far I am having to retreive everything, then sort through after the fact for the custom field ID. It just seems like I am missing something, is there a way to do what I want? Even with modifying some of the code to make it work? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!



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    Hey Matt,

    Did you ever figure this out? I actually had a word with Zendesk Support and it seems there are some limitations to this. The best work around we've been able to do is to do a search for the word itself (but this is a bit ambiguous because it will add any mention of the word, not just in the field) or use the dropdown field, which then also becomes a tag (which is better for searching).

    Let me know if you've had better luck!

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    We currently do not allow for ticket lookup by custom field value, unless you're using a tag-backed field as Chirag has mentioned.  For now this is a feature request.

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    Just checking back on this subject, has there been any new implementations reguarding this? We could really use this feature now, as the hack we have been using is having limitations. Thanks again!

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    Have you tried using the external_id field? 

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    Is there any update on this?


    Our organisation has been using a custom field to store the contact phone number of the user in the ticket, and it seems like we currently still cannot use the API to search this custom field for a specific phone number. So apparently having the data structured in the ticket is working against us? Or am I missing something here and is there a workaround available for this issue?

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    Maybe a customization to scan the new tickets and take the phone number and store in a custom field against the user.

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