Features request: Retrieving satisfaction comments.

With the new api i can get the satisfaction rating but i don't know to get de satisfaction comment.


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    Hi David, we don't have this yet but thanks for posing your question here.  We'll look into getting this added during the beta period.

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    Ok, thanks Steven!

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    Hi David, just an update for you.  We're working on two things:

    1.  Ability to get sat ratings and comments for a specific ticket.

    2.  Ability to iterate over sat ratings and comments for all tickets.

    I understand the latter is a popular request.

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    It would also be great to be able to populate the satisfaction rating and comment for a ticket on behalf of the end user through the API. Right now (as far as I can tell) you are forced to use the built in satisfaction form to collect user feedback.



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    Hey @Steven

    General stats about agents and group performance could be nice. Like top performers, group info like assign time average, resolution time average, ...

    A bit like the info we can easily have via GoodData but I'd be happy to fetch that via API to display it on other sources, like our chat: http://arnaud.detheux.org/blog/03/05/2012/zendesk-plugin-in-hipchat/

    Thanks :)

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    @Steven Great to see you are working on adding these.  


    Also be good to be able to have methods available for voice functionality . Like the average call time within a given time...



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    @Arnaud, @Tom, thanks for the feedback.  Stats APIs are a good idea.  You'll see more reporting and metrics in the product in the coming months, and we'll consider how to expose this via the API for the hackers amongst us.

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    Hi all, this topic has gotten off topic a little bit, but thanks for everyone's feedback.  I want to close out this topic by announcing that you can now retrieve satisfaction ratings by ticket ID:



    Furthermore, we've also implemented the ability to retrieve all satisfaction ratings via our Satisfaction Ratings endpoint:


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