Feature request: Ability to create a topic with a specific "created_at" in /api/v2




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    Steven Yan

    Hi David, unfortunately that is not supported.  We enforce created_at as the actual date/time that the topic is created, and there's currently no way to change this.  The same is also true on tickets.

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    And in the final version of the API?

    I need this option to import forums from other system (UserVoice)


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    Will this function be implemented in the near future?

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    Steven Yan

    Hi David and Cesar, there's currently no way to change this at this time.  I'll mark this as a feature request.

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    Clint Wilson

    Excellent Steven and lots of requests into Cazoomi teams led by Cesar this year on it.



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    Parag M

    Is this still pending? We're unable to set created_at when importing tickets using the APIs.

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