API v2: Manipulating ticket tags


First of all, great job on API v2 and documentation.

In API v2, looks like I can't use additional-tags and set-tags any more, but just directly specify the "tags" attribute containing all the tags that the ticket is supposed to have.

However, I encountered what I consider a bug.

Here's how to reproduce:

  • Create a dummy ticket

  • Get the ticket via API v2, the "tags" attribute is empty (which is correct)

  • Use API v2 to set tags to ["tag1"] like this:

ticket : {
tags : ["tag-1"]

The tag is correctly set, no issue so far.

  • Next, use API v2 to set tags to ["tag2"] like this:

ticket : {
tags : ["tag-2"]

The respond of that PUT request will show that the ticket's tags will be this:

tags : ["tag-2","tag-2]

Note the duplicate "tag-2".

Now if I GET the ticket again via the API, the tags are correctly set

tags : ["tag-2"]

So I guess there's a bug on the PUT response with duplicate tags.

Please give me some confirmation about this.

Also, is there an equivalent way to additional-tags in API v2?



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