Updating a ticket as another user using API V2


in the V1 version of the API, we could use the X-On-Behalf-Of header to impersonate other users while making changes to a ticket. In the V2 version, there seems to be no such option. Whenever I make a change to a ticket (such as changing the status and adding a comment), the comment is shown as being entered by the API user. The assignee of the ticket is different from the API user and I need the comment to look like it was written by the assigned agent so the customer will not see the name of some other person in the notification mails she receives.

Are you planning on adding such a feature? Or is there something I'm missing?




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    I would like to know the answer to this as well please.

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    Hi Taylan and Mike, sorry for the long silence on this.  We don't have an equivalent to X-On-Behalf-Of in API v2, but we are working on a new /api/v2/requests endpoint which should let you create comments on a ticket as the end-user instead of the agent.  It's being worked on now, so we hope to have something available for all of you within the next few weeks.

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    Can you say more accurately when this will be available, please?

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    Hi James, Mike and Taylan, sorry about this, I went through the API forum last night but neglected to update this forum entry.  We have released our Requests API which allows this functionality.  Please see our announcement here, which links to the developer documentation:


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    I was in search of the ways to update the ticket using the another API( which is used by someone else) . Since there exists no alternative for X-On-Behalf-Of in API v2, we are forced to work on new /api/v2/requests which will lets you to create ticket comments.


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    @Steven it's 4 years now from the first comment. Is there any way now to submit comments as the customer?

    With the requests API even if I specify the requester ID it submits the comment as the admin/agent.

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    Hi Nicola,

    Is this when creating the ticket/request, or when updating it with a new comment? The key to the /requests endpoint is that you need to authenticate as the end-user. Generally this is done by authenticating with an API token while passing in the requester's email address as the user making the request.

    As long as you authenticate as the end-user the comment should show them as the author. If that's not happening please submit a ticket with some details about the request and response so we can troubleshoot your situation.

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    Hi Joe,

    I solved with a `requests` endpoint and a trigger in ZD.


    Thanks :)

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