Creating user with fake password (ruby API)


I have SSO enabled for our web-app and I would like to create zendesk users when users sign up on our side.

However, when I do create users – they're asked to set a password. This seems redundant and I don't want to spam our users.


I've tried setting a fake password, but that didn't work as 'password' seems to be a 'restricted key'.

I'm using the ruby gem provided by zendesk: https://github.com/zendesk/zendesk_api_client_rb



The only other solution I can think of (to create an actual zendesk user) is to redirect the user (after signing up) to sign into zendesk as well and then do a /search and find the zendesk user id. Which seems like a hack to me and is already way too many redirects!


This is high priority for us. Please advise on how we can move forward.


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