[SOLVED] When will API v2 support X-On-Behalf-Of header (Or pls provide an alternative solution with v1) ?


I'm need to create tickets using API v2. I'm using JSON API Version, An admin login and token for authentication and X-On-Behalf-Of header (with a light agent email value). But this cannot be done since using X-On-Behalf-Of with API v2 gets the following HTTP response :

This API version does not support the X-On-Behalf-Of header. Please use an API token

I don't think that this is a token problem cause it works using API v1. I cannot use API v1 since with its JSON version when you create ticket then you get empty result (that is no ticketId is returned even if your ticket is really created......). I cannot use XML version of those API since I don't want to as XML is more heavy than JSON

Note : API v1 provides something called Request instead of Tickets. Then you can use requester_email instead of  X-On-Behalf-Of but API v1 does not return ticketId in JSON version. And it looks like in my tests requester_email is ignored by API v2 when creating ticket




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