Inborn Ticket Rules

Some business rules in Zendesk are inborn, meaning that they cannot be reconfigured and makes part of a help desk's modus operandi:

  • When a ticket is assigned to an agent, the ticket status automatically changes Open. You'll see the change after you update the ticket.
  • Once a ticket's status has been changed from New, it can never be set back to New.
  • If a ticket's status is set to Pending or Solved, and the ticket requester updates it:

    • If the ticket requester is an end-user, the status is automatically changed back to Open.
  • If the ticket requester is an agent, the status is not automatically changed.

  • A ticket's status cannot be set to Solved without an assignee.

  • Once a ticket has been assigned to a group, it cannot be reset to no group. You can however change it to a different group.

  • Likewise, once a ticket has been assigned to an agent in a group, you cannot reset the assignee to no one. You can of course assign it to another agent.

  • Once you set a priority, you cannot reset it back to no priority. You can always change it to a different priority.

  • When a ticket's status has been set to Closed, it can never be updated, it can only be deleted. The requester can however create a follow-up request that references the closed ticket.

  • If there's only one group in the help desk, all tickets are automatically assigned to that group.

  • If there's only one agent in a group, all tickets assigned to that group are automatically assigned to that agent.

  • You cannot assign a ticket to an agent without first assigning it to a group.


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