Scheduling recurring tickets in Zendesk

You can have Zendesk automatically generate a recurring ticket at various intervals by pairing it with an external application that sends out email reminders. In this example, we'll use http://www.rememberthemilk.com as the external application. "Remember the Milk" is a free online task management service. Once you create a task, you can enable this event to send you a reminder of its occurrence via email. You could then specify the reminder to the email address of your Zendesk because any email sent to your Zendesk domain will automatically create a ticket.

  1. Create a account at http://www.rememberthemilk.com

  2. Within "Remember the Milk", edit your reminder settings by visiting the "Settings" link and then clicking on the "Reminders" tab.

2a. Check off the box that will send you a reminder "At the time the task is due"

2b. Add your Zendesk email address as one of the reminder destinations under the "I want to be reminded by..." section.

  1. Create a task by adding a date and time. You can set this task to reoccur on any interval you wish.


Please note that "Remember the Milk" will need to verify your Zendesk email and will send a verification email to your Zendesk. This may end up in your Suspended tickets, so be sure to check this area when completing the verification.


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