How to use the Pivotal Target.

Before starting, make sure to have a API Token and the project ID from Pivotal. In the Pivotal account, go to My Profile and grab the API Token if one isn't there at the bottom of the page there is a Generate token link. The project ID is in the URL of the project  ( http://www.pivotaltracker.com/projects/ 123456).

After you have a token and the project ID go to Settings=>Extensions=> Targets and Add Target. Select the Pivotal Tracker.


Give your target a name and copy the Pivotal Tracker API token into the token field, copy the project ID into the Project ID field. Then pick one of the story types.

Types of Stories

There are four types of stories in Tracker: Features , Chores , Bugs , and Releases .

Feature Features are stories that provide verifiable business value to the team's customer. Examples of features include "add a 'special instructions' field to the checkout page", "purchase history should load in half a second", and "add a new method addToInventory to the public API". Features are worth points and therefore must be estimated.

Chore Chores are stories that are necessary, but provide no direct, obvious value to the customer. Examples include "sign up for access to geocoding service" and "Find out why the detailed test suite takes so long". Chores can represent "code debt", and/or points of dependency on other teams.

Bug Bugs represent unintended behavior that can be related to features, for example "login box is wrong color", and "price should be non-negative".

Release Releases are used to delimit a set of stories comprising a particular set of features. They can be thought of as a milestone, or a point in the backlog that is of some interest, such as when you will be prepared for a certain demonstration or to release updates to your live site.


Once the target has fired you will get a story placed in the Icebox with the subject of "From ticket#<ticket.id>". You can change this once you start tracking it within Pivotal.

Icebox - stories that have yet to be prioritized. Stories can stay in the icebox indefinitely, while they are 'on ice'. When ready, a story in the icebox can be prioritized by dragging it into the current panel or backlog panel.


In the description of the story will be what ever you have in the Message of the "Notify target' of the automation or trigger.



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    Couldn't get this to work if my Pivotal Project had ssl turned on. Turned ssl off and everything worked as expected.

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    Thanks for the heads up. This has been fixed.

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    Cannot make the target to fire... Getting error as per attachment. What do I need try next?



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    This used to work great.  A bout 6 weeks ago we used it all the time.

    But lately it stopped working.    Is this related to the new ZenDesk layout maybe?

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    oh and I can't seem to find the settings anymore to re-set this up.   How can I set this up using the new ZenDesk layout?

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    Hi Mark,

    We use it all the time, send us a bug report and we will look into your specific issue. The config moved to "Settings > Extensions > Widgets".


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    Looks like it was my fault.  I broke the configuration, but didn't noticed until much later.  Thanks for a great app.  It's working fine now.

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    The target link for me (starter package) isn't under Account, it's actually under Settings > Extensions > Targets Tab

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    Hi Marie,

    Thanks for pointing this out.  We have corrected the article.


    Eric Shen

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    Is there a way to turn forum posts into PT stories?

    I'm trying to encourage our clients to us an open communication when it comes to sharing ideas and issues but that makes more work for me when I'm trying to turn that information into a trackable item.

    How do you guys do it? Forum -> Ticket -> PT?


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    Mine is working, but working too well! It submits the ticket into pivotal about 10 times. Help please!

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    @Matt, could you submit further details in a ticket to support@zendesk.com?  We would like to look into this further.  Thanks! 

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    Florin, I have the same question!  I figgure it's gotta get forum>ticket>pt cuz you can't fire a target from a forum post.

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    We have the same problem, it submits the ticket into pivotal 30 times. Help please. 

    Thank you!


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    Sorry to hear that Stella! Can you also send a ticket to support@zendesk.com so we can take a closer look! Thanks!

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