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    Alexander Aghassipour

    The above CSS will be deprecated after March 7 2010. Please use this code in your custom CSS widget instead:

    #container #contentwrapper { float: right; width: 725px; } #container #contentcolumn { margin-right: 0; } #sidebar { float:left; margin-left: 0; padding-left:0;} #page { width: 982px; }

    Please note that this will yield a fixed width of your pages

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    Stéphane Leduc

    I got all #container #contentwrapper under the sidebar. Is the new code working or will just be working after March 7 2010?

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    Dearg O'Bartuin

    thank you thank you thank you!!!!

    im really trying to incorporate more of a website than support site feel.

    this has helped lots, please visit www.vitlive.com to see what i have so far!

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    Konstantin Kharitonov

    Can you provide new code for today ?

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