Liquidplanner integration

We use Liquidplanner at work as our project management tool http://bit.ly/6wA3N1

We have set up Zendesk to add tasks to an "inbox" folder in Liquidplanner automatically by using an email target and trigger. Incidents/problems/questions are ignored as they are likely to be quick jobs requiring immediate action, rather than needing to be scheduled in.

From the inbox it is easy to then drag the added tasks to a project folder and assign an estimated duration. This is proving to be really useful.

The Zendesk ticket assignee is automatically set as the task owner in Liquidplanner. Here's how:

  1. Create folder in Liquidplanner and call it Inbox
  2. Right-click on the folder and select Collaboration --> Get this folder's email address. You will be presented with a unique email address for that folder.
  3. Make sure your Liquidplanner email integration security is set to low to allow incoming emails from an unregistered email address. Go to Settings --> Email Integration and set the Inbound Emails setting to Low Security.
  4. In Zendesk go to Account --> Targets and add an Email Target
  5. Call it e.g. Liquidplanner and enter the email address obtained in step 2 above
  6. In the Subject field I have entered {{ticket.title}} (#{{ticket.id}}),{{ticket.assignee.first_name}} . This is Liquidplanner notation: first the task title and then the task owner, separated by a comma. I have set Liquidplanner up so the user's name reflects the first name of the Zendesk account name. Save the target.
  7. Then add a trigger in Manage --> Triggers and Email Notifications. See the attached screenshot for our setup but you can tune this to your needs. By adding the due date, requester name and project code to the task description we can easily refer to them in Liquidplanner. The addition of the "lp" tag ensures that each task is only written to Liquidplanner once. I'm sure there are other ways of doing this.

Let me know what you think.

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    I'm thinking about using LiquidPlanner and dig your post. Wondering if you have a second to let me pick your brain on your experience using LP and Zendesk?

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