FYI - How we're managing client billing from Zendesk tickets



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    Jack Bremer

    Updated to add reference to the "More real estate" widget I just discovered this morning!

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    Benjamin Bell

    Hi, how do you manage the fact that people have to remember to add to the existing time value, so say it has 1 hour already, and someone spends 2 hours on the ticket, and so they update the field, and might possibly enter 2 hours, meaning that you lose an hour of revenue....  it just seems a bit clunky, and so am wondering how it works for you and if you have come up with a automated way of updating this field.....

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    Jack Bremer

    Hi Benjamin,

    Very valid points you raise there - we just do spot checks on tickets, and coach employees on using this feature diligently.

    The alternative would be using a time tracking solution like Harvest, which connects to ZenDesk:

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    David Birchmier

    When we first started with Zendesk I actually read this post and it was very helpful. It gave me some great ideas on how to setup a simple billing view within Zendesk. Later we expanded it to include the ability for management to audit and assure that no billable tickets were ever missed.

    One BIG feature we had to have to make it work was rock stable reliable time tracking on a PER-TICKET BASIS. Nothing we built it ourselves!

    It's called TymeShift and it's the easiest, yet most flexible time tracking solution available for Zendesk:

    We originally developed it to solve our own time tracking / billing needs, and have now decided to release it. We really hope that it can help others like it has helped us!


    It will allow your agents to:

    • Easily clock in and out on any ticket
    • Switch seamlessly between tickets
    • All time is logged and cleanly summarized for billing purposes
    • Agents can leave billing notes if they desire

     You can check it out here:

    We love Zendesk and hope this new App will make things even easier for users!

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    David Birchmier

    I have some VERY EXCITING NEWS! 

    TymeShift is now LIVE in the Zendesk App Store! 

    You can find us in your Zendesk App store, at, or the official integration page:


    Much love to ZendeskTSheets, and all of our awesome beta testers for helping us create the world's best time tracking solution for  the world's best helpdesk, Zendesk! 

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    Thanks for the update, David! 

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