Redmine Ticket Escalation Widget (Zendesk Classic)

Redmine Widget for Zendesk

Zendesk and Redmine are becoming two vital systems for us, and with the new version of Zendesk API available, I've updated the integration app.

  • Allows ticket creation then linking to a pre-defined Redmine project
  • Allows subject, description, tracker and priority to be customised before submission
  • The support ticket description is used as issue body
  • Redmine issue status and basic info is displayed
  • Redmine issue can be linked/unlinked with the support ticket
  • Back-link: you can see which Zendesk ticket(s) a Redmine issue is linked with

Old Zendesk: http://www.pastie.org/3236649 (Excuse the bloat)

New Zendesk: see attached ZIP


  • Title: self-explanatory
  • redmine_url: without the trailing slash
  • apiKey: the Redmine user account  API key Zendesk will act with
  • zendeskPrefix: if you'd like to prefix the Zendesk ID in Redmine's back-link field
  • redmineIdFieldId: a custom ticket field needs to be created in Zendesk to hold the Redmine ID
  • redmine_zdfieldid: a custom issue field needs to be created in Redmine to hold Zendesk IDs

Known Issues:

  • Redmine API requires a PUT to update issues.  So this means the back-link feature doesn't work when linking a ticket to an existing Redmine issue.  PUT method isn't supported by Zendesk's proxy (nor its CORS implementation), see: https://support.zendesk.com/entries/22014007-proxied-ajax-requests-violates-http-end-to-end-principle .
  • Can't seem to make it load the Redmine data on ticket open without clicking refresh - I'd be glad if someone can fix it.
  • We're only on Redmine 2.1, no support for Priorities in the API (available in 2.2, current stable is 2.3) so priorities are hard-coded.


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