Zenpush: edit your knowledge base with markdown

I released a command-line tool today, zenpush. It allows us to edit our knowledge base in markdown, and keep a copy locally.

Future releases could include support for images, or the synchronization of a complete forum or category.


PS - We have this workflow: markdown files are stored in a private git repository. All the team members can review and work together on entries before they are published. When I say "all team members", I mean *everyone*, even non developers can learn markdown in 15 minutes. Mou is their new toy http://mouapp.com/ . Once an entry is ready, it is pushed thanks to zenpush.


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    Does this also work with the new Help Center?

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    This is exactly what I have been waiting for. I wish there was a Mou/MP plugin for this, just like the Mou-Tumblr integration. It's fantastic.

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