Creating Mantis as a Zendesk Target

After getting tired of copy pasting from the Zendesk ticket into Mantis BT everytime the ticket ended up being a bug or issue that needed further development, I created a target that automatically creates a Mantis issue when a custom checkbox is checked.

Here it is in action: http://screencast.com/t/T0xeJOM1aa

Here's how I did it: https://github.com/kevinwwilson/Foxbright/wiki/Creating-Mantis-as-a-Zendesk-Target


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    Nice, Kevin! Thanks for sharing this with the community.

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    Awesome Kevin, thanks a lot! Just had a customer who wants to keep using Mantis, but I don't want our team to use another tool.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Cool - glad you found it useful. 

    I've since created a PHP script that can be called regularly (cron-job style) that polls for the status of the mantis tickets and updates a custom field in zendesk with the same status.  That way I have an easy dashboard in Zendesk of all my tickets and their status.

    I didn't share because it was starting to get pretty specific, but if you'd like to take a look, I'd be happy to move that to Github too...



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    I'll need that in a few weeks, let me hack this a bit before :-) I would prefer to use Python so I might create that and share it here obviously.

    I'm also looking for a Mantis => Zendesk ticket creation though.



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