Auto-fill a widget with data from ticket view (Zendesk Classic)

As we use an internal tool to have information about our customers (we do mobile VoIP Apps and need to check calls logs etc of customers), our support team was fed up of copying the phone number of a customer, open our internal support tool and pasting the number there to analyze the issue before responding in the Zendesk ticket.

Now agents can do all that from Zendesk itself!

The code:


<script type= "text/javascript" charset= "utf-8" >

$j( '#ID_OF_YOUR_WIDGET_INPUT_BOX' ).val($j( '#ticket_fields_NUMBER' ).val());



It looks like this: http://arnaud.detheux.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Screen-Shot-2012-05-14-at-18.43.58-1024x402.png

More info: http://arnaud.detheux.org/blog/14/05/2012/zendesk-auto-fill-a-widget-with-data-from-ticket-view/


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